PFF NFL Power Rankings for Week 2

The Broncos top our power rankings after an exceptionally strong defensive showing in Week 1.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

PFF NFL Power Rankings for Week 2

Over the last few years, PFF provided a series of articles called “32 Observations,” where we highlighted one interesting statistic or piece of information for each of the 32 teams. This year, we’re stepping things up a notch by adding power rankings. Instead of putting the teams in order by division, they will be in order of how good we believe the team is now. There will still be one interesting piece of information per team, as usual, to go along with the rankings.

1. Denver Broncos

OLB DeMarcus Ware led all players in pass-rushing productivity at 35.4, while teammate Von Miller’s 18.8 pass-rushing productivity was third best among 3-4 outside linebackers.


2. Green Bay Packers

Rookie nickel cornerback Damarious Randall was the player targeted the most among those who haven’t allowed a catch. (Five times with no catches allowed.)


3. New England Patriots

After dropping 11 passes over the course of his last 11 games, receiver Julian Edelman caught 11 passes without a single drop.


4. Seattle Seahawks

Among the top five defensive tackles in pass-rushing productivity are DTs Brandon Mebane and Jordan Hill. They had one sack and three hurries each, and both rushed the passer 17 times.


5. Indianapolis Colts

Only 11 offensive tackles held their opposition without a single pressure; the Colts have two of them in Jack Mewhort and Anthony Castonzo.


6. Philadelphia Eagles

Wide receiver Jordan Matthews had 102 yards on ten catches when he lined up in the slot. Only one other receiver topped 50 yards.


7. Dallas Cowboys

Rookie DE Randy Gregory was one of just two 4-3 defensive ends with a pass-rushing productivity above 20 (21.4), thanks to his one hit and three hurries on 14 pass rushes.


8. Miami Dolphins

When Redskins QB Kirk Cousins was throwing to the receiver Dolphins CB Brent Grimes was covering, Cousins had a passer rating of 0. Grimes allowed just one of four passes thrown his way to be caught for 4 yards, and also nabbed an interception.


9. Cincinnati Bengals

HB Giovani Bernard has an elusive rating of 276.9, which leads the league. He had 6 yards after contact per attempt, as well as six players missing tackles on him.


10. New York Giants

Center Weston Richburg had a run-block grade of +2.7. That was third best for all centers, and better than any single game he played at guard as a rookie last year.


11. Baltimore Ravens

DT Brandon Williams had five run-stops (leading all defensive/nose tackles), and his run-stop percentage of 25 was also the best at the position.


12. New York Jets

Calvin Pryor led all safeties in stops at five. No other safety had more than three.


13. Kansas City Chiefs

On 20 snaps against the run, ILB Derrick Johnson managed five run-stops. His run-stop percentage of 25 led all inside linebackers.


14. San Diego Chargers

There is a tie for the leader in yards after the catch: Chargers wide receivers Stevie Johnson and Keenan Allen at 80.


15. Buffalo Bills

OLB Nigel Bradham had a run-stop percentage of 26.7. No other 4-3 outside linebacker was higher than 20 percent.


16. Atlanta Falcons

QB Matt Ryan had a perfect 158.3 passer rating when throwing to Julio Jones. Jones caught nine of 11 passes for 141 yards and two touchdowns.


17. St. Louis Rams

Stedman Bailey had 5.27 yards per route run, second-most among wide receivers.


18. Detroit Lions

New defensive tackle Tyrunn Walker led all defensive/nose tackles in total pressures with seven.


19. Arizona Cardinals

The only defensive back that had above a +1.0 grade in run defense, pass rush, and coverage was Tyrann Mathieu.


20. New Orleans Saints

Among running backs with 14 or more routes run, the Saints had the second and third best running backs in yards per route run. Khiry Robinson was second at 3.64; Mark Ingram was third at 3.16.


21. Pittsburgh Steelers

No quarterback had more completions or yards on deep passes than Ben Roethlisberger, with four completions on eight attempts for 139 yards.


22. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are one of four teams to have two wide receivers among the top 20 in yards per route run. Ted Ginn is 15th at 2.25, while Jerricho Cotchery is 18th at 2.14.


23. Tennessee Titans

QB Marcus Mariota had the second-highest accuracy percentage for quarterbacks at 87.5.


24. Houston Texans

Jadeveon Clowney had a run stop percentage of 30.0, the best for all 3-4 outside linebackers.


25. San Francisco 49ers

Halfback Carlos Hyde had 86 yards after contact, the most for any running back.


26. Minnesota Vikings

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had an average time to throw of 3.33 seconds, which led the league. This is nearly a half second more than his average time to throw last year.


27. Chicago Bears

Of the seven rookie defensive tackles who had at least ten or more run defense snaps, Eddie Goldman had the best run stop percentage at 18.2, more than double everyone except Indianapolis’ David Parry.


28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins had 3.55 yards per route run, second-best among tight ends.


29. Cleveland Browns

Cornerback K’Waun Williams had 17 snaps in the slot, surrendering one touchdown.


30. Jacksonville Jaguars

Thanks to his five stops and two passes defended, linebacker Paul Posluszny had his highest PFF grade since mid 2012.


31. Washington Redskins

Even though Washington worked on improving their interior line this offseason, returning linemen Jason Hatcher and Chris Baker were among the top five 3-4 defensive ends in pass rushing productivity. Hatcher had one sack and three hurries, getting him to a pass-rushing productivity of 12.5, while Baker had one sack and one hit, putting him at 10.9.


32. Oakland Raiders

Quarterback Matthew McGloin had an average time to throw of 1.97 seconds, tied for the lowest with Patriots’ QB Tom Brady.

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  • Left footed pitcher

    Maybe the title is wrong and this is supposed to be “Defense Only Power Rankings”? How else could a team with so little production from their offense in week one be ranked number one?

    • Taylor Christian Vance

      Lol, Football is a team sport bud. While I don’t necessarily think the Broncos are #1, you don’t need offense if your defense can practically pitch a shut out. The Raven’s didn’t get into the redzone until there was less than a minute left in the game.

      If you take out two runs on the final drive for the ravens, Forsett had 14 yards on 12 carries. Flacco only passed for 85 yards before the final drive.

      I understand the game is 4 quarters but that is unreal. Peyton and the offense had their own struggles against a great defense, but I think they will get better every week as the team figures out the new offense and the line develops cohesion.

      • Left footed pitcher

        So you’re basically arguing that even though the offense stunk, the defense is so far better than any other defense that the overall team is #1? Give me a break. And look at rankings from other places. PFF is just in denial.

        • Taylor Christian Vance

          Well, I actually don’t think the Broncos are #1, right now(as the Power Ranking stipulates). Probably more in the 4-8 range with the offensive struggles. But thats my opinion.

          You claim that a team can’t be ranked number 1 after week 1 offensive struggles is wrong though. Seattle was pretty consistently ranked #1 the last few seasons and I believe they played at least 2 games vs. the carolina panthers in which the final scores for both teams were less than 14. Both Games.

          If that game had been week 1 would that mean the seahawks were overrated and their offense will doom them?

          Nah. It was just a tough offensive game vs. a great defense, Raven’s are a consistently great defensive team. Seeing the Broncos at #1 is arguable, and thus can be justified.

      • humper-dinkle dinkle-humper

        The Ravens in 2000 did pretty well with a mediocre quarterback and a killer D. I would be happy with that this year . . . especially when offense just wasn’t enough in the 2013 SB.

  • Jason Williams

    “has an elusive rating of 276.9″

    what does that even mean? I have an elusive rating of 500 when donuts are made available…

    • Left footed pitcher

      Meaning you hate donuts? (But good point, they ought to “normalize” their various ratings systems.)

  • PetEng

    Colts #5, Giants #10? Puff, puff, give.

  • Tim Edell

    The Cardinals #19???

  • Jake

    Jets and Giants at 10/12 are you kidding me right now ??


    Indy/Philly lose and Miami barely beats a terrible redskin team but they crack top 10. Chargers beat Lions and they’re at 14? Especially after Miami sucked last year, what have they done to deserve anything over 15? This is obviously a “I’m going to stick to my preseason rankings as long as humanly possible so I don’t look like I was wrong in the first place” type power rankings.

    • Taylor Christian Vance

      I agree for the most part.

      • Keena Mackenzie

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        • Taylor Christian Vance

          SHH, baby. Men are talking.

  • rogue

    Denver could have the best D in the NFL.

    • Taylor Christian Vance

      I think they will(injuries not withstanding). My god they are a different defense under Wade Phillips. They were good with Del Rio and Foxy but holy shit they are flying around this year.

    • Left footed pitcher

      Yeah, impressive defense, and I’d give them #1 after week 1. But how can PFF rank a TEAM number one that only puts up 212 yards in week one?

  • ozymandias_and_steve

    How the heck are the cardinals #19? I could easily see them as a borderline (+/-) top 10 team, but 19?

    Please explain your logic for this chart – is there an actual formula, or is this still just personal opinion/bias?

  • Taylor Christian Vance

    The NFC East is too highly ranked. If you are talking about the Dallas Cowboys power rank right now, without Dez i don’t think they crack the top 10. The Giants aren’t in the top 10 period. The Eagles probably a few slots lower until they prove themselves. I’m glad this ranking is overly influenced with who won/lost week 1 though.

  • crosseyedlemon

    Power rankings are not meant to be taken seriously but are a sure fire method of creating lively discussions. The sportsbooks all have #13 Kansas City favored against #1 Denver in tonight’s game so that shows you how much they value power rankings of this sort.

    • Malachi

      it was initially a pick em, the bettors moved the line to where it was at kickoff. i live in vegas, and am a broncos fan so i watched that one closely. not that any of that matters now

  • Upeo

    I do not know what the Cardinals did to the people that run this website but this is getting ridiculous.


    JL, I understand where you are coming from,the only wrench I need to throw into your thoughts are, SD was home ( I know a win is a win), but all the other teams you mentioned lost on the road, that’s all I can think of.