PFF ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of Week 10

It's that time of the week to see which players stood out in a bad way in Week 10.

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PFF ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of Week 10

While it would have been easy to just phone this article in and write out a list of New York Jets players, that wouldn’t be right.

You see as bad as the Jets were, it wasn’t all of them that stunk it up against Seattle. Indeed there were a host of players around the league who looked a lot worse than what Gang Green had on the field.

So shall we name and shame? Lets.


Quarterback: Mark Sanchez, NYJ (-4.0)

Rex Ryan still believes in Sanchez. Does he also believe in aliens and the tooth fairy? After another bout of horrendous quarterback play, it’s safe to say Ryan is putting his job in serious jeopardy.

Running Back: Willis McGahee, DEN (-2.6)

One fumble is bad. Two is unforgiveable. McGahee is a big part of the Broncos but he’s not irreplaceable. Especially if he keeps putting the ball on the ground.

Fullback: Lex Hilliard, NYJ (-3.6)

Lex Hilliard is a lot of things, but a blocker isn’t one of them. He gave up a sack and a hurry while also dropping a pass in a show of why fullbacks shouldn’t be big components in the passing game.

Tight End: Dustin Keller, NYJ (-4.8)

Four positions in and we have three Jets on the roster. Seems about right. Dropped a pass, was flagged for two penalties and was his usual poor self with run blocking.

Wide Receivers: Victor Cruz, NYG (-2.7) and Eric Decker, DEN (-1.8)

Another drop for Cruz, and it was a big one. He’s too inconsistent this year in a way the numbers don’t do justice. Decker is another guy who needs to do a better job holding onto the ball. He added two more drops to his season total.

Tackles: Michael Harris, SD (-6.6) and Derek Newton, HST (-4.1)

Harris had to do something to keep Demetress Bell out of the team. But the undrafted rookie free agent continues to look out of his depth, giving up  a sack, two hits and six hurries. Newton wasn’t anywhere near as bad in pass protection, but was woeful with his run blocking and flagged for a penalty.

Guards: Shelley Smith, STL (-5.1) and Dennis Kelly, PHI (-4.4)

Smith was so bad he probably made the Rams reconsider letting Quinn Ojinnaka go, while the performance of Kelly likely promoted the Eagles to go out and pay Jake Scott. Guards shouldn’t give up as much pressure as the 12 combined QB disruptions these two did.

Center: Todd McClure, ATL (-2.5)

McClure got real defensive about the offensive line, but he’ll have to admit he’s had better games.


Defensive Front 4-3

Defensive Ends: Rob Ninkovich, NE (-7.0) and Kyle Vanden Bosch, DET (-3.6)

Ninkovich played a lot with his hand off the ground, but either way it wasn’t pretty. He was a liability all over the field. KVB continues to prove that if the coach likes you it doesn’t matter how unproductive you are. You get to play.

Defensive Tackles: Tommy Kelly, OAK (-3.1) and Terrance Knighton, JAX (-3.0)

Randy Starks deserves a dishonorable mention, but Kelly’s bad year continued. Knighton got some penetration but his work in the run game, coupled with a penalty that negated an interception, earn him this nod.

Linebackers: Philip Wheeler, OAK (-6.3), James Laurinaitis, STL (-4.1) and Nick Barnett, BUF (-5.5)

What happened, Philip? We’ve been praising you for so long and then you have a game like that? Barnett was always going to struggle as the Patriots targeted him in coverage, picking up eight of nine balls into his coverage for 102 yards and a touchdown. Laurinaitis is turning into a hit-and-miss player in the middle. As an instinctive player, he can get washed out when bigger linemen get their hands on him.

Defensive Front 3-4

Defensive Line: Tyson Jackson, KC (-1.6), Casey Hampton, PIT (-2.4) and Cory Redding, IND (-2.3)

Both our starting ends got nothing rushing the passer. For Redding, that’s something of a surprise. For Jackson it was the ninth game this year that happened. He still awaits his first pressure. I know Hampton is a legend in Pittsburgh, but am I alone in wanting to see more of Steve McLendon?

Outside Linebackers: Jerry Hughes, IND (-4.5) and James Harrison, PIT (-2.5)

That’s not the James Harrison I remember seeing in years gone by. How healthy is he? Hughes has put that early season form well and truly behind him. He’s back to looking like the bust he’d been for most of his career.

Inside Linebackers: Patrick Willis, SF (-3.6) and NaVorro Bowman, SF (-4.4)

You read this right. The star inside linebacker duo in the league had a pretty poor day by their high standards. Neither did a good job getting off blocks, and both have now lost ground to Daryl Washington in the race for top inside linebacker of the year.

Cornerbacks: Morris Claiborne, DAL (-4.6) and Alfonzo Dennard, NE (-3.9)

It’s not often a cornerback gets flagged for five penalties. But Claiborne achieved that rare feat and also gave up a touchdown. Dennard makes it an all-rookie pairing after giving up 85 yards and a touchdown while missing two tackles.

Safeties: William Moore, ATL (-3.7) and Dashon Goldson, SF (-3.2)

There’s been a lot to like about both men this year, but this week won’t go down as one either will want to remember. Moore got toasted in coverage to the tune of 90 yards and a touchdown, while Goldson missed three tackles. Not great at all.


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  • JSin

    Odd to not see a single Dolphin on this list after their performance on Sunday. They seemed to have spread the failure around evenly.

  • FootballFan

    Rob Ninkovich is rated 90 on the latest Madden update.

    • Phresh


  • Adam

    Can’t complain about both Niner ILBs being on your list. I watched that game in utter horror. It was hard to watch them. Patrick Willis tweeted his pre-game breakfast of fruit, eggs, n’ tea. I think a 5hr energy would’ve been better. One of the worst performances ever; but, thankfully they didn’t “lose” and it’s best to get those games out of the way now than in the playoffs. They are still the best duo in the league bar-none.

    • Phresh

      Jerrod Mayo & Brandon Spikes… Bobby Wager & K.J. Wright…

  • Kurt Werner

    Surprised there was a worst TE than Kellen Davis this week. That was hard to watch.