Performance Report – Week 8

Nate Hodges breaks down the top player at each position from Week 8 to gain insights into projection future top performers.

| 3 years ago

Performance Report – Week 8

RoethlisbergerIn this weekly column we’ll take a look at the top performer at each position. The goal isn’t to just analyze the players individually but to identify variables that make up these top performances so we can more accurately project them in the future.

Quarterback – Ben Roethlisberger PIT

His Line:  40-49 522 yards 6 TDs, -1 yards 0 TD rushing, aDOT= 10.0, PFF Grade= 10.7

After two consecutive weeks of mobile quarterbacks perched atop the performers list we get the most remarkable passing day of the year. Big Ben was more than just “in the zone,” if that’s even possible, as he torched the Colts defense repeatedly.

It’s the perfect stat line for a quarterback. Many times we see a player put huge yardage only to see the running backs cash in for touchdowns. Or a signal caller throws five touchdowns but his yardage is relatively low. Not this week.

How productive was Roethlisberger for fantasy teams? Most assumed Tom Brady had put up the big number of the day with his 354 yards and five touchdowns. If you had Brady going you probably won. But Roethlisberger was eleven points better than Brady. And posted a 10.7 grade, the highest one I can remember.

Without completing a numerical analysis it sure felt like there were tons of fantasy points scored this week. What can we learn from this performance? Not much really. It’s an outlier in every sense of the word. Just hope that next week you’re not facing a hot quarterback.

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