Performance Report – Week 13

Nate Hodges breaks down the top player at each position from Week 13 to gain insights into projection future top performers.

| 3 years ago

Performance Report – Week 13

ryan-fitzpatrick-bad-debutIn this weekly column we’ll take a look at the top performer at each position. The goal isn’t to just analyze the players individually but to identify variables that make up these top performances so we can more accurately project them in the future.

Quarterback – Ryan Fitzpatrick HOU

His Line:   24-34 358 yards 6 TDs, 10 yards 0 TD rushing, aDOT= 9.1, PFF Grade= 7.0

Welcome to week 13, the week where playoff dreams were realized or came to die. We were once again reminded of the shear unpredictability of this game highlighted by the top performances of the week.

Leading off is embattled quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who roasted one of the leagues worst defenses to the tune of 358 and six touchdowns. The Titans were no match for this Harvard mathalete.

In years past we’ve seen Fitzpatrick have some big games no doubt. But based on his whooping 7.0 PFF grade he actually played well in this ball game instead of simply racking up garbage time statistics.

Fitzpatrick shouldn’t have been in anyone’s lineup this week so he really wasn’t a fantasy football factor either way. But it does remind us that dodging these out of nowhere performances by actual starters is crucial to playoff success. Too bad there’s nothing we can do about it. Good luck.

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