NYG-NO Grades: Third-highest scoring game in history features Brees, Manning shootout

The top takeaways and highest-graded players from yesterday’s shootout in New Orleans where the Saints topped the Giants 52-49.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

NYG-NO Grades: Third-highest scoring game in history features Brees, Manning shootout

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from yesterday’s shootout in New Orleans where the Saints topped the Giants 52-49.

New York Giants

– QB Eli Manning had the first six-touchdown game of his career in what was a pretty good showing overall. However, his two fumbles, which he was fortunate to either recover or have nullified by a penalty, brought down his grade from where it could have been. One interesting stat of the day: Manning was 5-for-6 for 120 yards and three touchdowns on passes targeted 10-plus yards downfield between the numbers. On passes 10-plus yards outside the numbers, Manning was 0-for-6.

– In a game that featured very little defense, CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie earned one of his better coverage grades of the season. While allowing four catches for 31 yards might not be all that impressive, Rodgers-Cromartie forced both Saints turnovers with his interception in the third quarter and the big hit that led to a fumble for the Giants’ final score of the game.

– While the Giants offensive line was not charged with allowing a sack, they are still allowing too much pressure to reach Eli Manning. Tackles Ereck Flowers and Marshall Newhouse earned -2.3 and -2.4 pass block grades, respectively, and allowed a combined ten hurries on Sunday. The pair now rank in the bottom seven in pass blocking out of 78 qualifying offensive tackle.

Top performers:

DE Robert Ayers (+4.6)
WR Odell Beckham Jr. (+2.8)
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (+2.3)
QB Eli Manning (+1.3)
HB Rashad Jennings (+1.3)

New Orleans Saints

– It was a historic day for QB Drew Brees as he tied the NFL’s single-game passing touchdown record with seven thrown. Brees was flawless when he had time to throw and was not pressured, completing 34 of 40 passes for 469 yards, six touchdowns and a 155.1 passer rating. Interestingly, he was just 6 of 10 for 42 yards and a 63.3 passer rating when pressured, but the Giants just couldn’t disrupt Brees often enough. The Giants’ 20 percent pressure rate was the second-lowest of the week.

– DE Cameron Jordan continued his outstanding season with his second-highest grade of the season at +6.4. He failed to bring Eli Manning down for a sack, but he did register eight pressures with most of them happening quick into the play.

– In contrast, CB Brandon Browner continues to struggle this year. He was penalized another four times yesterday, bringing his season total up to a league-leading 14 in eight games. Browner now ranks last in our cornerback rankings out of 173 players with a 30.1 rating. Teammate CB Delvin Breaux had his worst game in coverage this year. Tasked with primarily covering Odell Beckham Jr., Breaux allowed nine receptions for 138 yards and three touchdowns for a -2.0 coverage grade.

Top performers:

DE Cameron Jordan (+6.4)
DT Kevin Williams (+4.2)
RG Jahri Evans (+3.8)
QB Drew Brees (+3.7)
FS Jairus Byrd (+2.4)

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Matt has been an analyst for PFF since 2013. He is also a contributor to 120 Sports and a former NCAA Division-III football player.

  • Zack23

    Arena Football League is back?

    • DJ VonG

      AFL is still going

  • Mighty Whig

    Another weird grade for Eli. Six TDs, 350 yards, no turnovers, but only a 1.3. (Same as Jennings, who had little impact on the game, and way below Ayers, who had no sacks.)

    • Grisha

      somehow Eli’s meaningless fumbles were worth more than Brees actual unmentioned turnover

      • 12 years a Smoker

        *Brees 2 INTs

        • NYC Criag

          Really imo it should be one because the WR got hit and gave it away but 2 INTS is official

          • Grisha

            agreed on that

      • Mighty Whig

        Who you going to believe: PFF, or your two lying eyes??

  • https://ry420guy.wordpress.com/ Dodecadork

    “QB Eli Manning had the first six-touchdown game of his career in what was a pretty good showing overall.” Huh?

  • jason

    Your grading week-by-week for Eli Manning has been a complete disgrace. PFF should be ashamed with the way they’ve been grading Eli. Disgusting.

  • Jason


    • Jessie Armstead

      PFF Qb grades really are garbage tho..

    • Grisha

      in general, I would agree, but in this case I have to say that it is odd that PFF highlight’s Manning’s 2 fumbles, when the stat line says 1 (and it was recovered and ultimately meaningless). On the other hand, PFF makes no mention of Brees’ (now official) 2 interceptions, both ultimately resulting in touchdowns. Brees was barely pressured all day, while Manning was consistently dealing with a collapsing pocket. Both QBs got a bit lucky on 1 TD (Brees threw a duck into double coverage while Eli lofted one into a whole mess of defenders on 4th down). Brees was quite impressive changing calls to confuse our defense, and on his shorter passes. His long stuff was actually looked pretty duck-ish and benefited from the Giants’ weak secondary, and Brees’ ability to sew confusion. Manning’s game was definitely more seat-of-the-pants, but his long passes were really impressive. In both cases, great QB performances, but hardly career games for either, despite the score.

      • Carolina pete

        WTF are your talking about the one brees threw in double coverage was a beautiful throw only put where the receiver could get it.

        • Grisha

          I’m glad someone thinks so… but no, it was a duck… into double coverage, one defender actually had better position on it, it was underthrown, the other defender was late to the ball because he was a rookie and lost… it was arguably Brees’ worst throw of the night, I’m not ripping Brees, I think he made incredible short throws, but that one was terrible. It just was.

  • Jim Winslow

    Eli’s grades are always the funniest.

  • Justin

    Eli’s grade against Dallas (with no touchdown passes) was higher

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  • Sean

    You can’t take two fumbles into account and make no mention of Brees’ two turnovers. You also can’t sit here with a straight face and tell me Manning had a “better” performance last week against the boys. So much for advanced metrics. The author needs to consider making a few revisions here.

    • NYC Criag

      Eli got lucky he didn’t have more turnovers, however Eli had a better performance in this game than the cowboys.

      • Sean Healey

        The fumbles were his only real mistake along with possibly an overthrow to Dwayne Harris early in the game down the right sideline. Could you cite the potential turnovers? Also fail to see what your comment has to do with my original post. I was merely suggesting that the author made no mention of Brees’ INT (he was late reading the coverage) while focusing on the fumble(s) committed by Manning. Seemed bizarre to me. A six TD performance which a high completion rate is better than “pretty good”.

        • Brian

          Easy man no need to get hasty just in my eyes I though the refs bailed out ELI manning for more turnovers.