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Colts’ $1.75M investment in Pierre Desir is paying off big time

Indianapolis Colts cornerback Pierre Desir is playing above his pay grade down the stretch of the 2018 season and into the playoffs.

Pro Football Focus' 2019 NFL Free Agency Profiles

As 2019 free agency period looms, we have created free agent profiles for 50-plus pending free agents so you know exactly what your team is getting in free agency.

9 days ago
NFL secondary rankings: All 32 teams after 17 weeks

Senior Analyst Mike Renner outlines PFF's all-32 team rankings in the defensive secondary, a unit that can make, or break your team.

9 days ago
Signature Stat Spotlight: Running Backs

PFF's Austin Gayle highlights the key advanced statistics Pro Football Focus tracks and charts to evaluate and quantify running back performance.

9 days ago
Wild Card Weekend Standouts

PFF's Rob Hamilton highlights the standout performances from the first week of the playoffs.

9 days ago
Wild Card Weekend plays of the week

Like every week, our team of over 500 analysts has dissected and graded every snap of every game. Here are our highest-graded plays of the week.

9 days ago
Refocused, NFL Wild Card Round: Indianapolis Colts 21, Houston Texans 7

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Houston Texans, 21-7, in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

10 days ago
Key stats to know for each wild card game

PFF data scientists George Chahrouri and Eric Eager discuss the upcoming wild-card matches. George and Eric point out key stats from each team and talk about why said stats will play an important role this weekend.

11 days ago
Top 10 10-plus year veterans of the 2018 season

NFL Editor Mark Chichester takes a look at the highest-graded veterans from the 2018 NFL season.

12 days ago
Top snubs of the AP's 2018 NFL All-Pro selections

Pro Football Focus' Cam Mellor discusses notable snubs, hits and differences in AP's 2018 All-Pro Team.

12 days ago