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NFL Week 11 Preview: Eagles at Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles visit the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL season. PFF previews the top player matchups of the game.

4 months ago
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The top NFL receivers by route in 2017

PFF's Billy Moy dives into the data vault to look at exactly who among NFL pass catchers had the highest wide receiver ratings by route.

6 hours ago
Top prospect fits for 2018 NFL Draft interior defenders

Analyst Josh Liskiewitz examines the top fits at the next level for one of the strongest positions in the 2018 NFL Draft - interior defenders.

1 day ago
What's the true value of a slot weapon in today's NFL market

PFF Data Scientists Dr. Eric Eager & George Chahrouri take a deeper look at how valuable a weapon from the slot is for NFL offenses, and how pivotal a slot receiver is to offensive success.

1 day ago
Newly signed NFL players set to benefit from their new teams

Senior Analyst Sam Monson takes a look at players that might provide a big boost to their team in value now that they are in a better team fit.

3 days ago
NFL's top upgraded units through free agency

Senior Analyst Steve Palazzolo examines the top units across the NFL who have upgraded their roster drastically through the first weekend of free agency.

3 days ago
The state of every NFL team after Week 1 of free agency

After the dust has settled on the first weekend of 2018 free agency in the NFL, we at Pro Football Focus break down all 32 teams by who's in the door and who was shipped out as well as each team's biggest draft need to date.

4 days ago
2018 PFF Free Agency Deal Grader

PFF's team of analysts dissect and examine each of the big deals from the 2018 free agency period, stamping a grade on every deal based on scheme fit, player grades and much more.

6 days ago
What's the true value of a slot defender in today's NFL market

PFF Data Scientists Dr. Eric Eager & George Chahrouri take a deeper look at how valuable a slot defensive back is to NFL defenses, and how pivotal the slot defender position is to defensive success.

9 days ago
Ranking all 32 offensive lines from the 2017 NFL season

PFF's Zoltan Buday looks back one final time at the 2017 NFL season and our PFF rankings for all 32 offensive lines as units.

12 days ago
PFF 2018 NFL Mock Draft 3

Fresh from the NFL Combine, Lead Draft Analyst Steve Palazzolo brings us the PFF Mock Draft 3. Did the combine manage to shake up any of the early picks?

18 days ago