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Latest News
The Eagles' Jason Peters is PFF's top ranked tackle through Week 6

Peters has excelled both as a pass blocker and run blocker, even against some of the best edge defenders in the NFL.

Ranking all 32 NFL defenses after Week 6

Ranking the NFL's defensive units utilizing play-by-play grading for every player on defense by facet of play (run defense, pass-rush, coverage, etc.), and weighting them by how much each area correlates to wins and losses through PFF research.

17 hours ago
2017 PFFELO NFL Power Rankings - Week 7

Week 7 of PFF's NFL Power Rankings for all 32 teams, based on our exclusive PFFELO system. Our iterative system updates each team’s rating after each game based on two main factors.

21 hours ago
Snaps, Pace, & Stats: The speed of Week 7's games

Pat Thorman cruises through the Week 7 matchups to find which games could offer the most action for fantasy players, and which might be lacking.

22 hours ago
2017 NFL rookie rankings through Week 6

All season long, PFF will be ranking the best performing NFL rookies as they race for Rookie of the Year. Below is our weekly rookie rankings after the Week 5 games.

1 day ago
Most contested targets to wide receivers through Week 6

PFF has coverage of the NFL wide receivers who get thrown the ball the most in contested situations.

The top rookie cornerbacks through Week 6

There are plenty of rookie cornerbacks who are showing themselves well in their first seasons in the NFL.

Ranking NFL defenses by man coverage percentage

Ranking all 32 NFL defensive units by the amount of time they spend in man coverage, through the first six weeks of the NFL season.

1 day ago
The best defenses to stream in fantasy in Week 7

Walton Spurlin identifies some key plug-and-play defense/special teams units fantasy owners might want to stream in Week 7 of the NFL season.

1 day ago
Fantasy Game Notes: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers

A look back at the key stats and results from Week 6's Eagles/Panthers game.

2 days ago