NFL team power rankings

The Pro Football Focus Power Rankings are based off of Senior NFL Analyst Sam Monson’s ordering of all 32 NFL teams, offenses, and defenses. Monson uses PFF’s overall cumulative grades as a starting point and makes necessary subjective adjustments to account for things that aren’t captured in the grading, such as injuries. The PFF Power Rankings will be updated every Tuesday morning during the NFL season.

End of regular season rankings – Updated 1/3/2017

New England Patriots125
Dallas Cowboys2412
Atlanta Falcons3121
Kansas City Chiefs4116
Green Bay Packers5317
Pittsburgh Steelers6614
Seattle Seahawks7247
New York Giants8282
Miami Dolphins92119
Oakland Raiders101018
Washington Redskins11726
Detroit Lions121427
Baltimore Ravens13174
Arizona Cardinals14183
Denver Broncos15261
Houston Texans16278
Tennessee Titans171523
Indianapolis Colts18830
Tampa Bay Buccaneers191924
New Orleans Saints20528
Buffalo Bills21922
Philadelphia Eagles22139
Cincinnati Bengals231220
Minnesota Vikings242311
Carolina Panthers252015
Jacksonville Jaguars262916
Chicago Bears271625
San Diego Chargers282210
New York Jets293029
Los Angeles Rams303213
Cleveland Browns312531
San Francisco 49ers323132

Power rankings data from PFF Premium Stats