NFC East Fantasy Review

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DeMarco Murray

NFC East Fantasy Review

There are different stats I like to look at when looking back at the season. As with any stats, some are limited by injuries, sample size, or just regular prejudice. Each stat will be the same throughout the series, but putting together a comprehensive review would take forever and frankly would be 400 pages long. Luckily for you, I have split up each one into the most important (and unusual) stats to compare within each division.

With the majority of free agency settled, the players have been moved into the appropriate divisions. Player movement is included in the notes and commentary follows each table. I have included any relevant players, based on team changes and popular “sleeper” candidates. Stats are based on PPR (points per reception).



There were no changes to this group but Robert Griffin III’s injury will be tracked endlessly this summer. Anyone drafting or keeping Griffin will have to draft Kirk Cousins as well.


Points Per Drop Back

Points Per Game

Tony  Romo

0.390 (17th)

16.94 (9th)

Eli Manning

0.397 (16th)

14.00 (18th)

Michael Vick

0.335 (29th)

14.00 (18th)

Robert Griffin III (RG3)

0.655 (2nd)

20.27 (4th)

Kirk Cousins

0.604 (3rd)

10.67 (31st)

While almost everyone was shocked when the Redskins took their second rookie quarterback last year, the Shannahans knew they needed insurance for Griffin. Cousins performed well in Griffin’s absence, completing 72% of his 46 aimed passes. Since his average depth of target (aDOT) was nearly a full yard more than Griffin’s, it would be unfair to say he was tasked with short, easy passes. Michael Vick gets another shot with a new coaching staff. Don’t forget how great Vick was in 2010. Eli Manning should get a bit better if Hakeem Nicks remains healthy, and who knows what we will get from Tony Romo now that he is armed with a new contract.


Running Back

Ahmad Bradshaw leaving the Giants is the only departure worth noting. Apparently the Giants organization believes it is set at running back with Andre Brown, David Wilson, and Ryan Torain.



Touches/Missed Tackle

Carries/15y+ Run

Points Per Snap

Points Per Touch

DeMarco Murray

7.0 (50th)

26.8 (64th)

0.304 (56th)

0.75 (58th)

Andre Brown

9.4 (74th)

10.4 (5th)

0.476 (8th)

1.26 (7th)

David Wilson

6.8 (44th)

11.8 (9th)

0.570 (4th)

0.95 (24th)

LeSean McCoy

5.5 (29th)

22.2 (50th)

0.277 (74th)

0.78 (48th)

Bryce Brown

5.5 (30th)

11.5 (7th)

0.263 (80th)

0.71 (71st)

Alfred Morris

5.8 (33rd)

13.9 (17th)

0.332 (44th)

0.72 (69th)

All of my twitter followers know how much I like DeMarco Murray, so I won’t beat you over the head with it here. My followers also know I am on the Andre Brown train for the Giants backfield; something I wrote about here. When you hear “David Wilson is a homerun threat every time he touches the ball”, think about this stat: Andre Brown had one more 15 yard or more run than David Wilson, with only two more carries total. This situation will be monitored very closely by everyone in the fantasy football industry. LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown will both have value with the new coaching staff. Brown’s ranking of seventh in carries per 15 yard or more runs shows he can’t be held on the bench. Alfred Morris performed well, and might be more valuable to teams this year than Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy simply because of competition for carries. Handcuffing your studs will be extremely important this year.


Wide Receiver

Pierre Garcon’s injury and whether he will be ready for week 1 is the only concern among this group.


Points Per Snap

Points Per Catchable Target

Dez Bryant

0.317 (9th)

2.93 (19th)

Miles Austin

0.221 (42nd)

2.73 (38th)

Victor Cruz

0.278 (20th)

2.60 (48th)

Hakeem Nicks

0.205 (54th)

2.55 (55th)

DeSean Jackson

0.178 (79th)

2.73 (37th)

Jeremy Maclin

0.195 (60th)

2.54 (58th)

Pierre Garcon

0.328 (6th)

2.70 (41st)

Santana Moss

0.318 (7th)

3.14 (10th)

Dez Bryant finally showed up on the field the way so many of his supporters knew he could. I have to admit I was not a believer since it was Laurent Robinson, and not Bryant, who stepped up in Miles Austin’s absence back in 2011. Santana Moss showing up in the top ten for points per catchable target is surprising. A receiver on the Redskins will have tremendous value next year. Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson will be put in good situations with Chip Kelly’s new running game if Michael Vick is up to the task. Victor Cruz was used well as evidenced by his points per snap ranking of 20th.


Tight End

Martellus Bennett left New York for Chicago, so the Giants brought in Brandon Myers from Oakland.


Points Per Snap

Points Per Catchable Target

Jason Witten

0.209 (8th)

1.97 (46th)

Brandon Myers

0.178 (17th)

2.16 (35th)

Brent Celek

0.150 (25th)

2.05 (42nd)

Fred Davis

0.137 (29th)

2.18 (34th)

Jason Witten is probably the biggest beneficiary to Dez Bryant’s emergence. Witten had the most catchable targets at 118. Brandon Myers was actually fourth at 85 catchable targets. Rob Gronkowski’s injured forearm and subsequent status from opening weekend makes Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzalez, and Jason Witten slightly more valuable. Fred Davis not catching any touchdowns hurts his points per catchable target ranking at 34th.



Just kidding. But yes, kickers are people too.


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