Jets: Oft-penalized CB Skrine signed

| 2 years ago

Jets: Oft-penalized CB Skrine signed

PFF-headlinesRumored to be in the mix for Darrelle Revis the New York Jets first move at cornerback this March was to sign the league’s second most targeted cornerback in 2014, Buster Skrine. With the Browns Skrine surrendered eight touchdowns and a league-leading 17 penalties while collecting four interceptions and breaking up eight passes.

His -5.5 coverage grade was, however, an improvement on his 2013 season (-8.5) and during the middle of the season he had a strong run of form that saw him sit just outside our Top 10 corners in overall grade from Week 6 to Week 12 (+5.9). In that spell, Skrine snagged all of his interceptions for the season, breaking up five passes and only allowing a little more than 50% of his targets to be completed, and was only flagged for three penalties.

The Jets will hope that Skrine can re-discover that form for them in 2015, but unfortunately he did not maintain that run to the end of the season. From Week 13 onward he surrendered 11 penalties and coughed up a pair of touchdowns to the Ravens in his final game for the Browns in Week 17. There have been performances in the last two seasons that show some promise for Skrine, but the Jets are taking a real gamble on that potential because there is more to suggest that he won’t develop into a quality starter. Surrendering 17 touchdowns and flagged for 22 penalties in the last two seasons, Skrine has plenty of room to improve with the Jets next season.

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