Jaguars: Bortles to earn first start against Chargers

| 3 years ago

Jaguars: Bortles to earn first start against Chargers

PFF-headlinesAt no point since joining the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012 has Chad Henne appeared to be the long-term solution at quarterback. Henne accumulated a lowly pass grade of -18.9 across 25 appearances in his first two seasons, so once the Jaguars used their first round selection in the 2014 draft on quarterback Blake Bortles, it was simply a matter of time until he assumed the starting role.

Bortles outperformed Henne during the preseason, registering a league-leading 125.09 PFF QB Rating to Henne’s 75.4; and an 84.8 Accuracy Percentage to Henne’s 69.4. Henne was still named the starter, but graded 79.6 and 67.2 in those same categories through the first two games, ranking 25th and 29th among qualifying quarterbacks, which had Gus Bradley contemplating a switch. So when the Jacksonville Jaguars found themselves down 30-0 at the half against the Indianapolis Colts, there was little to lose by giving Bortles his first taste of NFL action.

Passing for 223 yards and two touchdowns, Bortles did enough to convince Bradley that he should start against the San Diego Chargers in Week 4. It wasn’t all positive, Bortles threw two interceptions — one of them a pick-six — on his way to a -5.0 passing grade and he struggled with deep throws, going 0-4 and giving up both picks on passes of 20 yards or more. However, Bortles still outperformed Henne on both PFF QB Rating (65.92 to 62.97) and Accuracy Percentage (65.2 to 57.1). It’s obvious which quarterback gives the team the best chance to win in the future, and Henne simply hasn’t performed well enough to delay the inevitable.

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  • Dohkay

    About damn time. Excited to see how he progresses this year although they need to fix the run game or he’s going to get destroyed by the pass rush.

    • rogue

      You’re excited to see him get killed? The original plan was to let him hold the clipboard while the team improves the O-line for 2015, but they bent to pressure and caved. Now he’s going to get knocked around for the next 13 games. It wasn’t like the Jags were going anywhere this year, which is why this move makes no sense.

      • Dohkay

        I should caveat that with the fact that I’m not a Jags fan so I couldn’t care less if he is loses a limb on the field. I am excited to see how he handles the pressure and whether he can have an impact on an otherwise putrid offense. Shorts coming back should help and maybe he can make defenses respect the pass a little bit to open up Toby Gerhart.

      • DUuuuuuuuuuuuuvaaal

        Bortles got sacked just once in the half he played. I know the Colts pass rush is garbage with Mathis out, but still. The line is a lot worse at run blocking than it is at pass pro, and it looked worse at pass pro because Henne held the ball so goddamn long.

        Even if the line was terrible at pass pro, you still start your best player. Let Bortles make some mistakes and learn something his rookie year. Thank god he is finally on the field, the move makes perfect sense.

  • C. Richard Carey

    The kid will be a star……throw’m to the wolves he’ll learn fast….I HOPE…lol