How all 32 first-round picks have played

Khaled Elsayed gives you the grades for all 32 first-rounders from the 2015 draft.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Bill Haber)

(AP Photo/Bill Haber)

How all 32 first-round picks have played

It’s check-in time for the 2015 first-round rookies. Yep, that’s right—we’re going to delve into each and every one of the first 32 picks to tell you how much they’ve played and, more importantly, how well they’ve performed.

1. Jameis Winston, QB, Buccaneers

Snaps: 201

Grade: -4.0

Summary: His grade doesn’t really tell the story of the player he is. He was bad against the Titans in Week 1, but has settled down and looked the part the past two weeks. Winston is trending very much in the right direction.

2. Marcus Mariota, QB, Titans

Snaps: 210

Grade: -1.0

Summary: Mariota looked out of his element against Cleveland, but that performance has been sandwiched by two more accomplished efforts. He needs to play a little better against the blitz, but all in all, a very good start for the former Oregon Duck.

3. Dante Fowler, DE, Jagaurs

Snaps: n/a

Grade: n/a

Summary: Fowler will miss the entire season due to injury.

4. Amari Cooper, WR, Raiders

Snaps: 176

Grade: -1.7

Summary: Cooper dropped just eight passes in his 2014 collegiate season, so it’s surprising to see him averaging a drop per game with the Raiders. Back-to-back 100-yard games, though, show his potential, as does forcing seven missed tackles. That’s the second-most of all wide receivers.

5. Brandon Scherff, OG, Redskins

Snaps: 228

Grade: -3.2

Summary: Scherff hasn’t missed a snap this season, but also hasn’t taken the league by storm like the 2014 rookie group of guards. He is struggling in pass protection, where he has already allowed five hurries.

6. Leonard Williams, DE, Jets

Snaps: 163

Grade: +2.2

Summary: Williams is taking advantage of Sheldon Richardson’s suspension to log a lot of playing time. That may decrease when Richardson returns, but Williams has made a case to still log plenty of action, especially with an impressive pass-rushing effort against the Eagles.

7. Kevin White, WR, Bears

Snaps: n/a

Grade: n/a

Summary: Is on the reserve/PUP list.

8. Vic Beasley, DE, Falcons

Snaps: 128

Grade: +1.1

Summary: All things considered, it’s been a good start for Beasley. He hasn’t delivered much in the running game, but has flashed his pass-rush potential, despite going up against two of the top tackles in the game in the shape of Jason Peters and Tyron Smith. Beasley did perform well against the man picked right after him.

9. Ereck Flowers, T, Giants

Snaps: 102

Grade: -9.3

Summary: It was never the plan to plug and play Flowers at left tackle, but the injury to Will Beatty really put him in a position to be exposed—and exposed, he has been. Three penalties and an inability to stop rookie rushers Beasley or Randy Gregory turning the corner on him means the only thing saving this grade from being worse is that injury has forced him from the field.

10. Todd Gurley, RB, Rams

Snaps: 14

Grade: –0.7

Summary: Gurley saw his first action against the Steelers in Week 3, but his six rush attempts for 9 yards are hardly enough to pass any kind of judgment on.

11. Trae Waynes, CB, Vikings

Snaps: 42

Grade: +2.3

Summary: Waynes played poorly in preseason, so it was no surprise he wasn’t on the field in Week 1 or Week 2. Then injury meant he had fill in, and to the surprise of most, he delivered a quality performance, allowing just four of nine targets to be completed into his coverage.

12. Danny Shelton, NT, Browns

Snaps: 123

Grade: -2.1

Summary: Shelton has found life in the NFL much tougher than college. He has performed poorly as a pass rusher, and posted inconsistent production in the run game, though it should be noted he looked much better against Oakland in this regard.

13. Andrus Peat, T, Saints

Snaps: 15

Grade: 0.0

Summary: Barring injury or masses of garbage time, Peat is going to fill the role of sixth lineman, and nothing more.

14. DeVante Parker, WR, Dolphins

Snaps: 60

Grade: -0.5

Summary: After missing many of the offseason activities with an injury, Parker is starting to see more of the field. Garbage time saw him record three receptions against the Bills, but it will be how he performs in the coming weeks that really lets us delve into a player who was the most productive (by yards per route run) collegiate receiver against Power-5 opposition last year.

15. Melvin Gordon, RB, Chargers

Snaps: 92

Grade: +1.8

Summary: Gordon forced a healthy nine broken tackles, but his fumble still is a big red mark on him early in his career. He certainly looks dangerous, but we feel (or hope) the best is yet to come.

16. Kevin Johnson, CB, Texans

Snaps: 124

Grade: +0.4

Summary: Johnson doesn’t look like an every-down role is in his future, but he’s still seeing plenty of action in the Texans’ sub-package defense. He’s coping well so far, though he did get beat for a touchdown in Week 3.

17. Arik Armstead, DE, 49ers

Snaps: 44

Grade: +0.9

Summary: After being buried on the depth chart in preseason, Armstead is starting to see some action as the season takes shape. He provided some pressure when he got on the field against Arizona, and while it was only a small sample size, it might propel him into more playing time.

18. Marcus Peters, CB, Chiefs

Snaps: 214

Grade: +2.2

Summary: Only Stephon Gilmore has been targeted more, but in the face of these relentless attacks, Peters can console himself with the knowledge that he’s won more battles than lost. Sure, he’s been beaten for more touchdowns than any other cornerback (four), but he ties the position for most picks (two) and leads it in pass breakups (six).

19. Cameron Erving, OL, Browns

Snaps: 12

Grade: -0.6

Summary: Move along, nothing to see here. Much like Andrus Peat, it feels like only injury will get Erving into the lineup. Erving is most definitely one for the future.

20. Nelson Agholor, WR, Eagles

Snaps: 174

Grade: -5.2

Summary: 2015 has not gone well for Agholor. He’s caught just four of seven targets, and has the fourth-lowest grade of all wide receivers. Has too much been asked of him too soon?

21. Cedric Ogbuehi, T, Bengals

Snaps: n/a

Grade: n/a

Summary: On the reserve/NFI list.

22. Bud Dupree, OLB, Steelers

Snaps: 100

Grade: -3.5

Summary: Two sacks really don’t tell the story with Dupree. He’s been extremely quiet, relative to the amount of playing time he’s had.

23. Shane Ray, OLB, Broncos

Snaps: 46

Grade: +0.3

Summary: Ray is really going to struggle for playing time with the options the Broncos have rushing the passer, so it’s good to see him making his snaps count (as he did against Detroit).

24. D.J. Humphries, OT, Cardinals

Snaps: 0

Grade: n/a

Summary: Humphries isn’t hurt, just deemed not ready for the big leagues. Seems unlikely to take the field, barring significant injuries, with him third on the Cardinals’ depth chart at right tackle.

25. Shaq Thompson, LB, Panthers

Snaps: 101

Grade: +3.7

Summary: We had some concerns about this pick, but so far, it’s panning out very nicely. Making an immediate contribution as a sub package contributor, Thompson has not looked out of place when teams have run at him.

26. Breshad Perriman, WR, Ravens

Snaps: n/a

Grade: n/a

Summary: Remains on the sidelines after re-injuring himself warming up against Bengals.

27. Byron Jones, CB, Cowboys

Snaps: 70

Grade: +1.6

Summary: Jones spent most of his time inside, either at slot cornerback or playing like a linebacker. The experiment has gone relatively well.

28. Laken Tomlinson, OG, Lions

Snaps: 108

Grade: -5.8

Summary: Tomlinson started in Week 1, but his problems in the running game mean his playing time now is more dictated by the injury to others than his own play. He’s really struggling in the running game, as the Lions’ offensive line tries to get itself to shape up.

29. Phillip Dorsett, WR, Colts

Snaps: 45

Grade: +1.1

Summary: Dorsett just isn’t a big enough part of the Colts game plan right now. The former Miami Hurricane caught just five passes, but one was a touchdown, and that might be his limit as a rookie. Low target numbers, high target to touchdown ratio.

30. Damarious Randall, CB, Packers

Snaps: 130

Grade: +1.6

Summary: The scheme of the opposition will likely dictate how much he plays, but the team must be happy that the rookie is holding his own so far with just four catches allowed on 15 balls thrown into his coverage.

31. Stephone Anthony, LB, Saints

Snaps: 193

Grade: -5.4

Summary: The NFC South is a world away from the ACC for Anthony. His five missed tackles are too many, but his big problems are coming in coverage, where he’s already been beaten for two touchdowns.

32. Malcom Brown, DT, Patriots

Snaps: 69

Grade: -5.7

Summary: The Patriots aren’t shy about throwing rookies into the firing line. They’re also not shy about taking them out when their play is not up to scratch. Brown has earned negative grades in each of his regular season games, proving somewhat ineffective against the run.


  • GBPfan12

    I was part of the “We need a linebacker/defensive tackle!” group that was raging against Ted on draft week.

    whew… good thing I’m not the one drafting.

    • Malachi

      when consistently drafting low in the first round you can’t draft for position like teams in top half typically do.

  • Jaguars28

    I thought Shaq Thompson would be good, Gettlemen is one of the best drafters in the NFL.

  • Tommy

    no doubt Shaq Thompson is gonna be a beast. But gotta give more love to Demarious Randall from GB, the kid played safety and is now lining up outside vs NFL WR’s and more than holding his own. watch the tape.

  • Jt

    Remember their draft reaches article… Never doubt Gettelman’s picks


    Trae Waynes made the best of his first opportunity. If he develops under Zimmer like Xavier Rhodes is, Pass defense is going to be near the top.

  • Samuel Mazzini

    Way to early for this shit,this article gets a -100

    • crosseyedlemon

      Why is it too early for the PFF staff to provide their observations of the rookies play to this point? I’m sure there are many readers who are interested in these initial assessments, so maybe it’s your comment that deserves the -100 grade.

      • Matt

        they can asses all they want, but thus far these ratings are meaningless lol. I don’t think any NFL player logs on here to check their rating at the end of a game. It’s for fans but after just three games, these ratings mean nothing.

    • Matt

      I agree lol

  • Alfredo Cota

    Fix the rating system, gentlemen. Amari Cooper’s -1.7 is ridiculous.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Maybe the PFF staff have given Amari the Austin Cooper Mini grade by mistake.

    • bobrulz

      He’s had a lot of drops.

      • Alfredo Cota

        He’s got like most YAC and forced missed tackles in the whole league, c’mon…

      • Matt

        Look at how many times he’s being targeted per game, drops will happen it’s just part of the game. No way he should have a negative grade, too much stock is put into stats instead of just pure football for PFF.

        • bobrulz

          This is such a common misconception. PFF is a SCOUTING website, not a STATS website. Their entire mantra is pure football. They grade play-by-play. Can it be flawed? Yes it can, there’s no denying that, but they do what scouts around the league always do, which is evaluate players.

          • rml

            They gave Aaron Rodgers a negative grade after he threw 4 td’s in a game. There is an issue with any system that does that.

          • bobrulz

            I’m not going to argue that there aren’t flaws, but I would trust them over “random person 53″ any day of the week.

          • popsiclesticks

            To me it just seems like as long as you ignore QBs, the rankings generally make sense. So that’s what I do with them.

  • koda57

    Shaq Thompson is definitely showing flashes of greatness but I gotta see more of him to be sure. We’ll know before playoff time when true 1st rounders aren’t rookies any more.

  • Gary Helms

    Please send this to Adam Schein. I know he is paid to be loud and entertaining, but please be humble enough say you were wrong about the Panthers draft and free agency acquisitions, ie Michael Oher.

  • Jimmy Guy

    Shaq Thompson had a good game last week, but it’s going on week 4 now. he seems like he “punches with his arms” instead of “putting his butt into it”, kinda like watching pop warner tacklers