Grades for Redskins-Browns

Here are the top takeaways and graded players from the Redskins-Browns preseason game Thursday.

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Grades for Redskins-Browns

Here are the top takeaways from Thursday night’s Redskins-Browns game, including the highest- graded players for each team:


–A receiver in college, the Redskins emergency cornerback Quinton Dunbar fared well on his debut. He allowed just two completions for four yards on five targets, with one pass defensed.

–Linebacker Martrell Spaight was on the field more than any other Redskins defender with 42 snaps. He tied for the team lead with four stops.

–With TE Niles Paul unfortunately going down with injury, Chase Dixon saw extra action. He led the Redskins offense with 44 snaps, but had some difficult moments in the run game.

Top 5 graded players:

Trent Murphy (+3.1)

Terrance Plummer (+2.8)

Frank Kearse (+2.7)

Chris I. Baker (+2.4)

Tom Compton (+2.4)


–In the absence of Joe Thomas, Cameron Erving got an extended run at LT. He had some struggles, including conceding two hurries, but led the Browns offense with 49 snaps.

–Several Brown’s rookie’s made their debuts but none saw more time than safety Ibraheim Campbell. Campbell acquitted himself in his 49 snaps earning a +1.2 overall grade.

–The player who made the biggest splash was defensive lineman Jamie Meder, who consistently frustrated the Redskins reserve line in the run game.

Top 5 graded players:

Jamie Meder (+4.2)

Andy Lee (+2.7)

Dylan Wynn (+2.3)

Michael Reilly (+2.2)

Josh McCown (+1.8)


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