GB-MIN Grades: Packers bottle up Peterson

The top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Packers’ 30-13 win over the Vikings.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

GB-MIN Grades: Packers bottle up Peterson

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Packers’ 30-13 win over the Vikings:

Green Bay Packers

– This wasn’t the cleanest game for the Packers offense as QB Aaron Rodgers (+0.7) often looked out of sync with his receivers and misfired on a number of throws as well, notably at 7:43 of the first quarter, while his defense did much of the heavy lifting. He particularly struggled to connect with Randall Cobb with seven targets resulting in just two catches and 24 yards. Otherwise, Rodgers delivered a couple of big time throws to James Jones, who caught six of nine targets, and when pressured, he was outstanding with a +3.2 passing grade on those plays.

– DE Mike Daniels continued his string of monster games, pressuring Teddy Bridgewater five times and sacking him once while providing a steep challenge for LG Brandon Fusco (-2.9). Daniels beat Fusco for a tackle for loss on the team’s second defensive snap (1Q, 14:40), and he later added two more run stops, pushing his run defense grade to the top of the 3-4 DE rankings, while his overall grade trails only JJ Watt at the position.

– RB Eddie Lacy avoided his fifth straight game at -1.0 or below with his best rushing grade of the season (+2.6) after breaking four tackles and gaining 100 yards on 22 carries. He was particularly strong running to the left B-gap and wider, gaining more than eight yards per carry on those rushes. But much of his success was in spite of poor blocking – the Packer offense combined for a -5.0 run blocking grade, while Lacy gained 76 of his 100 rushing yards after contact.

Top performers:

DE Mike Daniels (+3.8)
DE Datone Jones (+2.5)
RB Eddie Lacy (+2.0)
CB Casey Heyward (+1.8)
WR James Jones (+1.8)

Minnesota Vikings

– The Vikings were playing from behind for the final three quarters of the game, and that made for a tough afternoon for QB Teddy Bridgewater (+0.1 passing), who saw pressure on close to 60% of his 47 dropbacks. He was terrific when given a clean pocket, compiling a +1.3 grade on those plays, but the otherwise constant pressure, coupled with Bridgewater’s risk-averse game (24 of his 32 aimed passes came within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage), made it difficult to mount a comeback.

– Despite some great rushing by Eddie Lacy, the Vikings defensive front mostly controlled the line of scrimmage, particularly tackles Sharrif Floyd and Linval Joseph. All three of Floyd’s tackles counted as defensive stops, including his play to beat LG Josh Sitton at the start of the third quarter, which resulted in a season-high +3.1 run defense grade. Joseph likewise added three stops with multiple wins against Sitton and center J.C Tretter at the point of attack.

– CB Xavier Rhodes lost James Jones deep on a scramble drill at 1:27 of the third quarter, but the rest of his day was good enough to secure just his second positive grade this season. Rhodes spent more than 40 snaps in coverage but saw just two more passes go his way for 12 yards to Jones and Davante Adams, while Aaron Rodgers more frequently targeted Captain Munnerlyn (-0.8) and
Terrence Newman (-0.1).

Top performers:

DE Brian Robison (+3.2)
DT Sharrif Floyd (+2.8)
C Joe Berger (+2.4)
CB Xavier Rhodes (+1.9)
DT Linval Joseph (+1.7)

  • SkolBro

    Youcu forgotz the Refs!
    (+10.0) – the Packers needed the refs!

    • Mathias

      Fuck off please.
      As a fellow Vikings fan, this shit is embarrasing.

  • Craig W

    I agree shut up about the refs. I thought it was well officiated. Newman tackled the receiver for 50 yrd PI. Linval took 3 steps and shoved Rodgers down. Sloppy play by us lost us the game.

    • enai D

      The problem wasn’t that we didn’t commit those penalties, it was how one-sided the officiating was. No flag on what as an obvious illegal hands-to-the-face on the sack against Bridgewater, several cases where the Packers defense clearly jumped offsides but were not flagged, at least one glaring facemask on a tackle on AP.. You get the idea. Can’t really credibly claim the game was “well-officiated”, even granting that most if not all of the penalties called on the Vikings were legitimate.

      That said, even if the game had been called more evenly we still would’ve lost, so the point is mostly academic at this point.

      • Cant FixStupid

        There is no such thing as illegal hands to the face when you’re sacking the QB.

        • James Peters

          Blow to the head of QB is a thing though. Study the rulebook.

      • SeattleSteve

        That play where Kalil was blatantly holding Julius Peppers?
        Maybe your team should try blocking the other guys better.

        • enai D

          I specifically said that most of the calls on us were legit, and that includes (and in particular) the calls on the offensive line. The offensive line gets most of the blame for the loss. And its pointless to whine/argue about holding calls, holding happens on every play, sometimes it gets called sometimes it doesn’t. But neutral zone infractions and facemasks on the ballcarrier (i.e. where the refs should be looking) are a different story, those should not go uncalled.

    • Angry Metal Guy

      I’d suggest you go back and watch that again. I think many of the calls were absolutely legit. I think that one was not. Newman couldn’t have done anything, and Janis basically just turned around and draped himself over him. When that’s DIP, then I’m not sure how a DB is ever supposed to defend an underthrown ball. That was a smart play by the Packers, but it was still a bad call.

      • Brian M

        The only way for a DB to defend underthrown balls is to occasionally look back for the ball. If he turned around that was an easy pick. But I agree that is not an easy thing to do.

      • Cant FixStupid

        Then you do not know the rules. If the WR is attempting to come back to the ball, and the defender isn’t playing the ball, it’s PI, clear as day. That’s exactly what happened. It was underthrown ball, Janis tried to fight back to the ball but because Newman wasn’t playing the ball, he continued to carry Janis further downfield. That PI couldn’t have been any more clear.

        • Angry Metal Guy

          Janis had no shot at that ball. He draped himself over Newman. It was a bad call, but smart play.

  • Mnstorm99

    One bad call usually does not make a game, especially a game lost by 17 points.
    Now, how Terrance Newman got only (-0.1) blows me away. After his amazing game in Oakland…he looked like all of 37 yesterday. Otherwise the D was decent enough if they had any help from the offense. This team needs a consistent offense if they want to make the playoffs.
    Now, shake it off and move on to ATL…

  • Mr_D

    If you lose the game by 17 points, it’s not the officiating that cost you the game. The Vikings players will watch the film and won’t be looking at the flags as the reason they lost.

    • NAJ

      Penalties were the main reason they lost but it’s not on the refs, it’s the indiscipline of the Vikes. I was fuming with our players, Barr on 4th and 1 offsides, Newman long PI before half time on 3rd and 15 (9-6 changed to 16-6 on that). Linval Joseph late hit on Rodgers was stupid. 17 points looks bigger than it was. Those senseless penalties cost us 10 points. AD fumbling was a game sealing mistake also. The several Packers drops were terrible too and you could bet your house that Nelson wouldn’t have dropped those balls.

  • Cant FixStupid

    If anybody was doubting whether we should pay Mike Daniels or not, that doubt should be completely gone!! Clay is our leader of the defense, but Mike Daniels is the best overall player on that D and he is an absolute beast!! Cam Hayward got 6 years 59 mil from Pitt, Mike Daniels has earned that same deal. He’s definitely not somebody we can afford to lose if we’re gonna continue getting better on D next year. Raji is earning himself a nice little contract extension also, a decent 3 year 18 mil deal.

  • Chazzthaviking

    I think the refs allowed the Packers to get away with a lot I believe that to be obvious. The reason the Vikings lost was because the o line played terrible and the secondary played bad and the Packers played better all around as a team better. I could point out a few penalties that were over looked by the refs grabbing TB’s face, shoot they replayed a play where AP was tackled for a loss and two Packers linemen jumped offsides, I saw Tim Mastey the Packers punter pat a Ref on the back that is against the rules I saw Harrison smith do that a few years ago get ejected from a game over it, the officiating was so one sided it was a joke and Mastey was patting the refs on the back for it haha