The PFF 2016 Fantasy Draft Guide is now available

If you're looking for the most comprehensive guide to the fantasy season, we have you covered. Win your leagues with this one.

| 8 months ago
Draft Guide Cover

The PFF 2016 Fantasy Draft Guide is now available

As a fantasy football enthusiast, not much is better than getting that season preview magazine and looking through it. Poring over the data, the rankings, the profiles was a joy as a kid, what I did in school before the football season. That might explain why I never became a doctor.

That joy hasn’t gone anywhere as an adult. Fantasy draft guides are exciting. They get you jazzed for a season when hey, you might actually win your league. And the right draft guide should put you in that winning position.

That’s what ours should do. Our draft guide (available now for $5.99, or included as part of a purchase of Fantasy Gold) is the most comprehensive you’ll find, with rankings and analysis inspired by our signature statistics here at PFF, all from our team of fantasy analysts and put together by our own Jeff Ratcliffe.

Inside, you’ll find everything you could want from a draft guide. Want to look at the approach team-by-team?

Draft Guide 1

Maybe you want to know about the rookies.

Draft Guide 2

And it’s not just fantasy names. Offensive lines matter (we rank ’em!). Coaching changes can make a difference, too.

Draft Guide 3

If there’s a way to look at the upcoming fantasy season, our guide does it. Buy it now, or get Fantasy Gold and the draft guide is included. Either way, this is the way to win your league this year.

  • Red 80 Set Hit

    I just bought the fantasy guide but I’m having trouble finding how to do download it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    • PFFSamMonson

      Click on your account on the top right of this page, then it should be a link in your ‘Active Resources’

      • Red 80 Set Hit

        there is an active subscriptions section and below it it has the fantasy guide below it but i cant click it/download anything.

        • PFFSamMonson

          Try again, it should be there now.

          • terry

            is the magazine version not available?

  • Dave Sanders

    Hi Sam, I accidentally purchased the PDF version when I wanted the magazine version. My tickets have gone unanswered. Can you assist?

  • Daniel

    How do you access the draft master tool with the free fanduel deposit? Does this include custom projections?

  • Ryan Horn

    I am having a problem with accessing the resources, too. I was able to yesterday, but now when I go to the account page this is what I see (see picture)

    I’m unable to access the draft guide and the link to Gold doesn’t work? The league I inputted yesterday isn’t there either.

  • Chris from TN

    Should we be following your draft guide rankings or your fantasy gold rankings?

  • Russell

    Holy cow guys, HIRE AN INTERN!!! This site is horribly laid out!!! I’ve been playing FF since 1989 and this is worst navigation I’ve ever seen! I can’t find narratives that justify your rankings. I think it’s in your “Fantasy Guide” which I clicked on and I get the link to become a Gold Member. I AM A GOLD MEMBER. FIX THIS! SIMPLIFY!!!

    By the way, if that is where your player narratives are located, and they were written in 2 months ago and not updated, I will be even more pissed.

  • Rubixx

    Is the fantasy draft guide updated or is it the same rankings from when it was written months ago? I’d like to know if Jeff’s updates he speaks of on the radio show up on the draft guide rankings.