Top quarterbacks to stream in Week 15

Tom Van Wyhe breaks down Week 15 matchups and recommends fantasy quarterbacks to stream.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

Top quarterbacks to stream in Week 15

Like last week, we’re examining nine quarterbacks’ matchups and ranking them in order, while considering both their floors and ceilings. Picks are also split into sections, which can be considered as tiers. Anyone in the top tier is a better streamer than the second tier, and so on.


Stream ‘em if you can

These quarterbacks have high ceilings and excellent matchups. Bonus points go to players with high floors.

TJ Yates (0.4 percent) Houston at Indianapolis

Brian Hoyer’s replacement, T.J. Yates, has started only one game this season and contributed in two others. His completion percentage in those games, which never cleared 50-percent, won’t impress you. If we stretch to match him up with quarterbacks who have attempted at least 230 passes this season, his yards-per-attempt (6.4) would tie Andrew Luck for 30th (out of 31).

But Yates threw two touchdowns in his sole start, and he contributed another touchdown in his first appearance against Baltimore, despite attempting just 11 passes. If we were to compare his touchdown percentage (6.4 percent) against those 31 quarterbacks in the previous paragraph, he’d rank fifth in the league.

Of course, it’s rare to compare a game or two against the season totals accumulated by a player’s peers. In this case, however, it’s instructive. Hoyer wasn’t a quarterback many would have picked to start on their fantasy football teams before the season began, but he was featured in this column several weeks in a row.

This week would favor whoever starts for Houston. Indianapolis’ defense has allowed 27 touchdowns and 7.6 yards per attempt. They have allowed the fourth-most passing yards per game (276) and have forced the fourth-fewest sacks (22). And in the last four weeks, they are allowed 11 passing touchdowns, and three of those quarterbacks account for 10 of them.

Yates is both part of a successful passing system and he faces a weak defense. Those two factors should put him high on your week 15 wish list.

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  • someone

    no mention of the stafford brees matchup? That seems like it could be a big offensive/passing game as well

    • someone

      Ahh – I just looked up what streaming means – clearly stafford/brees are owned and not generally waiver options