Fantasy Philosophy – Winning the Slots

Using PFF's "Slot Performance" signature stats, Joe Bussell looks at some of the surprising names who have excelled in the slot this season.

| 4 years ago
Vincent Jackson

Fantasy Philosophy – Winning the Slots

Vincent+Jackson+Tampa+Bay+Buccaneers+v+Dallas+c3m5U4ZVH5olThe NFL is all about creating favorable matchups and then executing on those advantages. It’s essentially playing the odds. Create a matchup advantage – which creates favorable odds – and then win because the team has pushed the odds in their favor. Playing the odds leads to a better chance of success.

When NFL teams want an odds advantage, they play the slots.

One of Pro Football Focus’ signature statistics is the measurement of wide receivers and tight ends in the slot. When looking at targets certain receivers, it’s likely that fans would be surprised at the amount and percentage of targets that some receivers have out of the slot. Looking past the Welkers, Ammendolas, and Victor Cruzes of the NFL, let’s take a look at some of the “outside” receivers that some may be surprised to find that they have made a living playing the odds in the slot this year.

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