Fantasy: Offensive Depth Chart Review – Cleveland Browns

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Fantasy: Offensive Depth Chart Review – Cleveland Browns


1 – Colt McCoy

Projecting McCoy’s 2010 numbers to a full 16 game season, you get 444 attempts, 270 completions, 3156 yards, 12 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, 56 rushes, 272 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Those aren’t the best numbers, but you would also expect a better sophomore season out of McCoy. His PFF ratings suggest he might have what it takes; the question is the talent around him.

2 – Seneca Wallace

In 2010 Wallace just saw four starts and wasn’t overly impressive in any of them. He especially struggled when throwing the ball deep, but his numbers don’t drop off too much when he’s under pressure.

3 – Jake Delhomme

He did not look good in his first two starts in Cleveland, but was better in his other two. He had a rating of +9.5 when he was not under pressure, but a rating of -9.0 when under pressure, showing he needs get blockers in front of him to succeed. Also had a +5.0 rating in the middle of the field, and a -2.5 rating on the outsides.

4 – Jarrett Brown – Reserve/Future Contract

Running Back:

1 – Peyton Hillis

One of the best free agent fantasy pickups in 2010, he finished 11th in rushing yards despite single digit carries the first two weeks and the last one. Hillis is used in pretty much every situation and was just substituted out to give him rest, which is rare for a halfback. He had 31 defenders miss tackles on him, which was one of the best in the league.

2 – Mike Bell

It wasn’t a very smooth transition to Cleveland for Bell, who saw at most six snaps in a game from Week 7 to Week 15. When he did play he only averaged 2.1 yards per carry which is very unimpressive.

3 – Montario Hardesty

He didn’t play in 2010 after being drafted in the 2nd round.

4 – Quinn Porter – Reserve/Future Contract


1 – Lawrence Vickers

He just had five rushes and four catches as the Browns only fullback in 2010.

2 – Tyler Clutts – Reserve/Future Contract

Wide Receiver:

1 – Mohamed Massaquoi

He has become the Browns top target at wide receiver, but he didn’t put up impressive numbers in 2010. He only had one game with five catches, his best yardage total was 81, and he had just two touchdowns. He saw a fair number of deep balls thrown his way (18), but that resulted in more interceptions (5) than catches (4).

2 – Brian Robiskie

While he was the number two receiver there were times late in the season where he seemed more like the number one. In the eight games he played from Weeks 1-11, he was thrown at 20 times, had nine catches for 81 yards and no touchdowns. However in the last six weeks, he was thrown at 29 times, had 20 catches for 229 yards and three touchdowns. If 2011 is like the end of 2010, Robiskie should have a better year.

3 – Chansi Stuckey

He played the majority of his snaps in the slot with half of his targets coming in the middle of the field, and was a frequent target for Browns quarterbacks early in the season. However he was being phased out of the Browns offense as the season wore on.

4 – Joshua Cribbs

He didn’t make much of a mark on the offense in 2010, with only two games above 50 yards, and they both occurred in September. His rushing yards went from 381 in 2009 to 67 in 2010.

5 – Carlton Mitchell

Hall quietly racked up 143 offensive snaps in 2010, most of which came in an irrelevant game against Dallas in week 17. Also a ball carrier, Hall had 9 carries to go with his 17 targets.

6 – Demetrius Williams

He had 15 snaps late in the season, with two balls thrown his way and one drop.

7 – Johnathan Haggerty

He has yet to play in an NFL game

8 – Jordan Norwood

Last played for Philadelphia in Week 13 of 2009 against Atlanta where he had 9 snaps

9 – Rod Windsor – Reserve/Future Contract

Tight End:

1 – Ben Watson

In his first year with the Browns, Watson saw a bit of a carrier resurgence. He was thrown at 98 times which was fifth in the league, and had 765 yards which was also fifth. He might not be as talented as some of the tight ends in the league, but he is given more of an opportunity than most and for the most part takes advantage of it.

2 – Evan Moore

Although he’s listed as a tight end, he basically plays wide receiver. 62.5% of his catches were made on balls thrown beyond 10 yards which is very abnormal for a typical tight end.

3 – Alex Smith

He saw 25 snaps late in the season; mostly Week 16 against Baltimore. He had one catch for six yards.

4 – Greg Estandia

He played six games in 2009; two for Jacksonville and four for Cleveland. He had just 45 yards.

5 – Tyson DeVree – Reserve/Future Contract


1 – Phil Dawson

Over the past two years he is 32 for 32 on kicks within 40 yards. However he struggles on some of the longer kicks, which greatly lowered his accuracy in 2010.

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