Fantasy Football Stock Market – Week 1

Just as the stock market fluctuates so do players ADP and trade values. Joe Owens looks at current market values heading into Week 1 of the 2013 NFL season.

| 4 years ago

Fantasy Football Stock Market – Week 1


Football Stock Market is a weekly article during the NFL season which examines players you should buy, hold, or sell in your fantasy league.

Stock traders play the market for profit as do fantasy football participants. Placing all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea and as the season progresses the objective is to help readers prevent from doing so with current players on the rise and those player on a decline. I’d also like to help in identifying those players that could possible provide a solid return on investment in upcoming weeks.

It is opening week, fantasy football shareholders, so let’s put the assets up for sale and prepare to invest in the fantasy football immediate future.



David Wilson, RB, New York Giants

New York Giants running back David Wilson finished the 2013 preseason with 179 yards on twenty-four carries averaging 7.46 yards per carry. The second year running back’s lone touchdown came on an 84-yard gallop in week three of the preseason versus the New York Jets. Giants teammate and offensive backfield mate, Andre Brown, was diagnosed with a fractured left leg. This was a player that was supposed split carries with Wilson during the 2013 season. The Giants backfield is all of a sudden a lot less cloudy and David Wilson seems to be the lone silver-lined cloud remaining. During Wilson’s limited snaps — 20.7 percent to be exact — throughout the preseason he has hauled in seven receptions for twenty-seven yards on twenty-two routes ran.

Wilson is also sporting a perfect catch percentage as he has been targeted seven times. Heading into the regular season David Wilson currently sits with a 0.73 PPO and will be a large part of fantasy football championships this season. I personally own David Wilson in all fantasy leagues except one and first proposed a trade offer for Wilson in exchange for Alfred Morris straight up only to be turned down. I then followed up with Ray Rice as the booty for Wilson only to be turned down yet again. Wilson is a hot commodity and if you can get him I would suggest that you do so as the tailback’s price is only likely to escalate from here on out.


Ben Tate, RB, Houston Texans

Last week I advised fantasy owners to sell on Houston Texans running back Arian Foster. Allow me to iterate that trade was merely suggested if solid first round value on a player with less injury risk was to be acquired. Fast forward to present time and Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak’s declaration that Foster won’t see a full workload after not taking a single snap in preseason is ringing loud in the ears of fantasy owners that elected to select Arian Foster in round one of fantasy drafts.

Ben Tate provides a viable option to fantasy owners in deeper leagues in dire need of an RB3 or maybe even as a RB2. By no means am I telling you to wager your children’s futures in an attempt to acquire Tate but given the San Diego Chargers porous rush defense throughout the preseason, yielding the 9th most rushing yards, there is a solid chance the Chargers are not going to be very good in week one. A team like the Texans, more specifically their run game with both Foster and Tate, could capitalize come Monday night. The Texans will get out in front early and their lead could be substantial therefore creating the perfect storm for Ben Tate.

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  • Wilson

    That high on Wilson? I dont have him in any of my teams, i have good backs like Trent, AP, lynch, JC across many leagues. Which RBs are you willing to give up for Wilson?

    • Joe Owens

      As I mentioned above I first offered Alf for Wilson and when that offer was turned down I then offered Ray Rice to see he he like the stronger name better. On both offers I was turned down. Personally If I were a Arian Foster owner I might consider simply because I feel like Ben Tate will play well in a contract year taking away from some of Fosters load. But I don’t so haven’t had to think that deep on it.