3 to buy, 3 to sell for Week 3 in the fantasy stock market

This is the right time to capitalize on some hot early weeks, and also a good time to target some slow starters, says Mike Tagliere.

| 9 months ago
(Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/Getty Images)

(Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/Getty Images)

3 to buy, 3 to sell for Week 3 in the fantasy stock market

This time last week, everyone was panicking and running to try and find the first suitor for Dez Bryant after he had one bad game with Dak Prescott. Just one week later, cooler heads are prevailing after Bryant caught seven of his 11 targets for 102 yards. It’s situations like this that make me very excited, and they should do the same for you.

Now two weeks into the NFL season, injuries and, more importantly, data are piling up. But at the same time, so are overreactions. One guy’s yards per carry or per catch might shine above another’s, but we’re still in small-sample-size zone.

In the Fantasy Stock Market, we find the guys who are going to bounce back, and while they might seem obvious, our goal is to buy stock when it’s at its lowest point. That means you are not to trade for someone who just caught six passes for 115 yards and two touchdowns, because his stock price is beyond where it has ever been. Let’s take a look at which players you should be buying, and just as important, which ones you should be selling.


Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks

Sometimes it’s hard to trade for a player who is hurt, especially a quarterback. But hear me out on why Wilson makes for an interesting trade target. Not only has he likely gotten his worst two games out of him for the season, but he’s also got one of his toughest matchups out of the way.

It was clear his ankle was bothering him in the second half of the Week 1 Dolphins game, and again in the Seahawks loss to the Rams in Week 2. A high-ankle sprain will cause a quarterback like Wilson to lose a lot of his production, considering he’s never finished outside of the top-three in rushing yards for quarterbacks since entering the league. Wilson got off to in 2015 as well, and I recall getting questions on whether or not he should be dropped. As a matter of fact, he had just one multiple-touchdown game in Weeks 1 through 10, and topped 18 fantasy points just once during that timeframe.

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  • BlueNSilver

    The 49ers did NOT play the Seahawks and hold Rawls to -7 yards. That was the RAMS team who Gurley plays for lol. 49ers played Carolina and Fozzy Whitikker went for 16-100 so yeah…. Gurley is not going to be consistent at ALL this entire year. Yes Volume as a RB in fantasy is what you’re looking for, but when your OL is garbage, and nobody is worried about your QB stretching the field you’re going to see the 17-47, and 19-51 more often then the 18-130ish. SELL SELL SELL

    • Johnny

      The lack of professionalism on this site worries me at times. Typos and mistakes such as the on you pointed out have been popping up here and there.

  • BigRod

    Per your Comments on Gurley?!?
    Look, we advised against taking Gurley with a top-five pick in fantasy drafts knowing what his obstacles were, but make no mistake about it, he’s still a top-10 running back.

    What a crock. I will give PFF props, as David Johnson was #1 PFF rated back most of preseason, whereas just about every other site had Gurley as the top dawg. But the comment above is hogwash. Almost every ranking “expert” on PFF had Gurley as #2 rb.

    AP was volatile in rankings and barely top 10 (standard) before TeddyB went down. Then after some had moved him up. Zeke was not listed top 10 overall either.

    Having #2 selection in my draft and looking to go RB early with the value at WR late, I was reading every article published regarding general consensus top 4 RBs (Gurley, AP, Johnson, Zeke). Thank goodness I got a brain of my own and do not follow the general concensus of the overall fantasy pundits commnity or Gurley would have been my selection at #2.

    There was no chance in hell i was taking him as RB#1 and i thought anyone willing to do so must be sniffing glue. Entire offensive supporting cast on top of potential rook QB is awful and defensive secondary of Rams was poached this offseason – which only translates to teams scoring fast on the Rams. The schedule for Rams was/is bottom third in league.

    Again, I give PFF props for ranking DJ #1 rb back but dont act like PFF was not fully aboard the Gurley train.

    At end of day between top 4 general concensus at RB i went Zeke @ #2. Considered DJ but durability concerns and other minimal factors had me shying away.

    If Gurley was running behind Dallas offensive line, he woulda been no brainer #1 overall. So I went Zeke investing in Dallas O line.

    Gurley was never a consideration for me at #2 . Its amazing how many of the expert pundits outside PFF disagreed with me. How some of these idiots have jobs in the fantasy field is truly a mystery.

    Bottom line I know darn well PFF had Gurley as top 2 RB. Most were very low on AP and Zeke was around #9 overall.

    Call BS on PFF advising Gurley outside top 5 after the (OBVIOUS) fact Rams offense completely sucks.

    Someone please try and show me where one expert had Zeke higher than Gurley per the PFF draft kit. Im pretty darn thankful I made my own decision. pretty easy call after all the facts were taken into consideration.

    What i believe is some of the sites just dont have the balls to be bold. so much so had me second guessing how bad the rams were. kudos to David Johnson #1 but PFF lacked backbone on Gurley.

    Still early but im confident Zeke outperforms the consensus of Gurley.

  • geo2209

    Trading for Gurley is more risk than I’d be willing to do but of course everything has a price – if you can get him for an RB2 with low upside then sure why not. However, I don’t like him since he really only has 5 “gimme” games left against soft defenses – Bills, @Lions, @Saints, Dolphins and the Falcons. The rest of his schedule is @Bucs, @Cardinals, Giants, Panthers, @Jets, @Patriots, @Seattle (2nd playoff week), 9ers (who already owned him and this would be championship week). While I’d love to say he’s matchup proof, he’s already proven that it’s relatively simple to stop him by stacking the box since all it’s going to take is one or two bad games and/or a losing record from Keenum before rookie Goff is thrown into the fire. Yes, Keenum graded well this week but he was horrible in week 1. It’s only a matter of time before Goff starts this season and you don’t want to be betting on Gurley when that happens. Goff could wow us like Wentz but it’s not likely because Wentz actually has an offensive line. Regarding your other picks, I liked the Russ and ARob recommendations, solid. Selling on Coleman and Latavius are solid. RE: Mike Wallace, that’s a bit iffy. We’re talking about a guy who the Ravens are paying big money in the tune of 5.7mil this year (base 1.2 + signing bonus 4.5) and Aiken was actually the odd man out already. Perriman still hasn’t even had a good game yet nor shown anything while Wallace has, and early season rapport is what Flacco looks for (if last year was any indication with Smitty and Torrey Smith before him). Also, with the re-emergence of Pitta I don’t see how Perriman is going to ever break through this year without an injury. Wallace Pitta and Smitty are going to be the target hogs for at least the first half of the season if healthy.

  • BigRod

    Regarding Latavius Murray, here is another player PFF had ranked as high as top 30 ish. Now advocating to “sell.” I felt like i got great value on murray as my rb2 late 4th (standard). I wasnt sold on murray but at that spot in draft there wasnt much better on the board.

    my question is sell murray for what exactly?? most leagues require at least 2 rb format and some even have flex to plug 3 rb’s. look around the league… and tell me who the hell has more upside than Latavius as an RB2. Hell even RB1’s are dropping like fly’s at this point.

    Assuming folks took murray as at minimum an RB2 how the heck are they going to upgrade at the position “selling” murray. Please love to know what one can get knowing full well someones gotta get plugged into RB2.

    it sure as $hit is not Jennings who PFF was also high on. All these RBs are volatile. in my estimation this is terrible advice “selling” murray. He is about as legit an RB2 as there is right now (ie 13-24 RB). sure the workload is a concern but it will also keep murray fresh.

    and lets not forget Carr trusts Murray’s pass blocking. I would be more concerned if Murray did not catch 6 balls out of backfield vs ATL. I simply do not see a way to upgrade the RB2 position trading murray.

    hell i would take him over Shady Mccoy. Another back that most of the fantasy community sites were extremely high on… including PFF. Here is another player… perhaps not in as bad a situation as Gurley but nevertheless… not good.

    no Marcel Darieus to begin season and Watkins durability concerns.. and yet McCoy was as high as #12 overall. sure the workload is great if Shady can endure it all year long.

    If your wanting to sell an RB thats one to consider. Bad offense, poor coaching, and excessive workload will lead to Shadys season ending sooner than later is very probable. Bills likley are 0-4 at the quarter mark and chance of Shady getting shut down is too great to take that chance.

    Give me Murray over McCoy when all is said done. Carr will move the ball in oakland… yes im concerned with the RBBC but Murrays pass blocking and Oaklands overall ability to advance the rock and im still in on murray as solid rb2.

    • geo2209

      Latavius is in the same boat as Ryan Mathews – good Oline in a decent offense but other backs cannibalizing his snaps. Although you could argue that Latavius has more value since he catches passes like you said. You may be able to package him for skittish Devonta owners.

      • BigRod

        hell no. why would i trade one RBBC back for another. Chancces greater Coleman is taking Freemans job. If it were ppr prob consider but no way in standard.

        thing is, dont even expect murray to continue racking up receptions. thats simply extra gravy. fully expecting washington to vulture catches,, but then again… murrays role as third down back may be safe (due to blocking) which will result in 4.5 catches per game. truth is no one knows BlackJack Rio’s intentions yet. still early but easy to speculate that Murray and Washington are the 1-2 punch with Richard securing 3 spot on depth chart.

        The author should write a caveat with Murray… perhaps sell but flip side if u believe in oaklands run game then buy Washington. hell in a flex i would be somewhat comfortable lining up both Murray and Washington… seems almost guaranteed between the two you get 20 points (85 yards rush, 60 yards pass, and TD). thats consistency…. and if washington takes the job outright you got a low end RB1.

        dont fully see comparison to matthews.. true similar teams (good line, good d, good qb) but prob has and always will be with Mathews is durability. secondly,,, murrays sitution is kinda worse in that its 3 RBBC committee. philly really only has sproles.

        mathews situation is pretty much par for course todays nfl. not many true workhorses left and ya got between tackles back , then your satellite/3rd down back.

        its actually wise move on both coaches parts to limit workload… esp for Mathews.

        Primarily as Murray owner… just gotta hope that workload boils down to Murray and Washington. Richards is a crowd and the FB vulturing Goalline TDs is certainly alarming. But overall… Raiders offense is worth the investment.

        hell i wouldnt give up Murray for Gurley at this point. Rams woes will get worse not better. Teams are going to stack box on Gurley all year long. Cant do that with Raiders backs.

        give me 10 carries 50 yards 3 recpts 25 yards and TD every other game and im content with murray as RB2.

        gurley 20 carries 40 yards 0 recpts wont win anyone a fantasy title.

        • geo2209

          Don’t forget that Latavius always gets concussed at least once per year, similar to Mathews being made of paper. Latavius likes to try and run over people so that’s why I didn’t draft him.