Week 14 Fantasy QB Rankings

Who are the top fantasy football quarterbacks? PFF has you covered with our fantasy QB rankings for Week 14.

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fantasy qb rankings for this week

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Week 14 Fantasy QB Rankings

Pro Football Focus ranks the top fantasy football quarterbacks for standard scoring leagues. The table below shows our top QB rankings for Week 14 of the 2016 NFL season.

Position Rankings: QB | RB | WR | TE | Flex

Week 14 Fantasy QB Rankings | Updated 12/9/16

1Drew Brees
2Andrew Luck
3Tom Brady
4Russell Wilson
5Aaron Rodgers
6Matthew Stafford
7Matt Ryan
8Kirk Cousins
9Jameis Winston
10Ben Roethlisberger
11Cam Newton
12Philip Rivers
13Andy Dalton
14Dak Prescott
15Derek Carr
16Eli Manning
17Colin Kaepernick
18Tyrod Taylor
19Marcus Mariota
20Carson Palmer

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  • DLane

    Whats the story with Mariota at 11?

    • Paradox

      I’m eager to hear the argument as well. He played as well as any rookie has the past few years (injuries aide), but top 12 is a hot take.

  • Bill Doerr

    Palmer at 8??? He should be higher , he is going to put up a ton of points on a consistent basis come this next season. He wont cost a high pick either , I would definitely pick him up as one of my 2 QBs as with his Elite offense that is arguably the most stacked in the NFL , with an Elite top 10 offensive line in front of him protecting him, Palmer is going to put up some points and be among the top 3 leaders among QBs in fantasy points throwing 2-3TDs per game in 12-14 games this next season.

  • Will Clyne

    Dalton at #14 doesn’t make sense to me. He was a legit MVP candidate last year before he broke his wrist. Sanu and Jones are huge losses, but the core of what made their offense great in 2015 is still intact. AJ Green is a freak, Eifert looks like he could be a special player, and they have a great RB duo. Plus a very good and very deep offensive line. I think he deserves to be at least #9 or #10.

  • John Foster

    kirk cousins at 11 is too high, mariota too low

    • Art0fWAR

      Mariota too low? LMFAO

  • Mark

    Where is Matt Ryan?? How is Julio Jones a Top 3 WR without Ryan throwing him the ball?

    • Stan

      They hate him here. He’s the number 1 quarterback in the NFL right now, but PFF seems to have a dramatically different opinion. They don’t really base their opinions off of facts, instead they seem to base them off their stupid opinion based grading system. Matt Ryan will get more fantasy points then half the players above him, but PFF will continue to stick to its weird grading system to determine success. Fantasy players beware of this site.

  • JustTheFactPlease

    Curious why Bortles is so low? Didn’t he finish around 5th last year? Did he lose any key players?

  • BubbyBristerShovelPass

    Where’s Fitzpatrick? Seriously, the NY Jets have 2 WRs in your top 20 list and he threw for over 30 TDs last year !

    • alskis45

      he sucks though and will show what he has shown his whole career

    • Rob

      Lol…good one

    • Steven De la Fe

      2 months later.. Still asking where Fitzpatrick is?? Lol!

  • Thomas Solis

    Bortles is so low because he had a ton of garbage stats paying from behind. Defense should be better and they brought in C.Ivory, who led the AFC in rushing… 2+2=4… Just saying…

  • Anthony95

    I can keep Palmer for $9 for this year or $14 for 2 years and this is a $300 auction 1 QB league. Which is a better value?

  • Iconoclast17

    Carson Wentz???

  • Stan

    Bet your ass that Matt Ryan gets more fantasy points then Cam Newton though. . .

    • Steven De la Fe

      Agreed , number 1 qb this season in my opinion

  • qhewjayy

    Where’s Dak ?

  • John

    russell wilson?

    f him.

    • Russ

      Agree. overrated game manager