The PFF ultimate DFS guide for Week 6

In what could be a low-scoring week, the DFS guide mines deep for this week's successful plays.

| 8 months ago
(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The PFF ultimate DFS guide for Week 6

Week 6 could end up being rough for daily fantasy. Vegas only has one game with a projected over/under higher than 48. Weather around the country has several games that could be affected. Our lone undefeated team is on a bye.

Some weeks, there are any number of places to look for successful DFS plays. In Week 6, though, it’s much harder. Half the games you look at might not have a single player worth a big investment.

That’s why it’s important to start your research with our Week 6 DFS guide. Our writers have spent the week combing through everything DFS, and have arrived at these pieces of advice for Week 6.

Below, you’ll find a quick-hit summary of the five top advice pieces for Week 6. Click through the links to find the full arguments, but in a pinch, you’ll see what you need hear. Read. Click. And be sure to study up through our DFS Pro Optimizer tool. Do all that, and you’ll stay ahead of all those people who are learning more every week.

And then at the bottom, you’ll find links to the rest of our Week 6 DFS content. Good luck.


Contrarian plays (Scott Barrett)

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  • Jonathan Saunders

    Wow guys! Lousy week 6 PFF calls! 5 guys hit – 35 crap the bed…wth? Well at least Mike called it on the RB’s, with Mccoy & Miller. I don’t mind paying for a subscription but it’s unlikely I’d renew based upon the consistently, consistent bad PFF calls this year, i.e. less than 10% great, 20% ok, & 70% crap…I know you guys know your craft, and I have found value in a number of PFF tools, advice, etc. so as a current fan, follower, pro subscriber, I’d like to constructively call the team to task and ask that you step up your game! Guys! I’d pay 10 times what you’re asking if you could deliver consistent quality PFF plays! And not like…here’s 30 guys that might go off, pick one and good luck! I really think it would bode well for the community if you guys were more clear on your cash vs. tourney, vs. 3, 5, 10-100 man tourney plays as well. I want to believe in you guys and make PFF a staple for my dfs business. Does this resonate with anyone at PFF? What does your commitment to your subscribers look like moving through the rest of the season? How can we the subscribers support? Let’s kick it in the ass and close this year out on an epic note!