The PFF ultimate DFS guide for Week 5

Everyone is learning more. Stay ahead of the pack with our top Week 5 DFS advice.

| 9 months ago
(Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

(Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The PFF ultimate DFS guide for Week 5

We know more as the season goes on. That is always true. The flip side of that coin is that everyone playing fantasy football knows more as the season goes on.

That means your DFS research needs to be at least as stringent in the middle weeks as it was in the early weeks of the season, because everyone else is doing the same. Which brings us to PFF’s Week 5 DFS guide. Our writers have spent the week combing through everything DFS, and have arrived at these pieces of advice for Week 5.

Below, you’ll find a quick-hit summary of the five top advice pieces for Week 5. Click through the links to find the full arguments, but in a pinch, you’ll see what you need hear. Read. Click. And be sure to study up through our DFS Pro Optimizer tool. Do all that, and you’ll stay ahead of all those people who are learning more every week.

And then at the bottom, you’ll find links to the rest of our Week 5 DFS content. Good luck.

Fades of the week (Tyler Loechner)

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