PFF Fantasy Roundtable: What to watch in the preseason

Our team of fantasy experts gathered to talk preseason -- what they're watching, and what they hope the drafting public is NOT watching.

| 10 months ago
(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

PFF Fantasy Roundtable: What to watch in the preseason

In this week’s roundtable, we’ll be discussing the preseason — Week 1 and what to look forward to through all four weeks. I was joined by Pat Thorman, Brandon Marianne Lee, Scott Barrett and the PFF Czar, Jeff Ratcliffe. There are a bunch of name drops ahead. Keep an eye on all of these players, but be sure to heed Ratcliffe’s words of caution when it comes to overemphasizing preseason play.

Some of the games we discuss here will have been played by the time you read this, but the general “what to watch for” aspect of the responses will apply all preseason (and in some case, regular season) long, so don’t blow past them.

Who are we watching?

Dan: We’re finally here, boys and girl. The NFL preseason is underway and I can’t wait until that all-telling third preseason game. Today we’ll be rolling with a preseason-centric theme to the roundtable. Let’s start things off by finding out which player or team our roundtable guests are most excited to watch in the first week of preseason and going forward through all four weeks. Who wants to start us off?

Pat: I want to get a good look at the 49ers — specifically the quarterbacks — to begin getting a sense of if we’ll want to invest in the offense, or if we should run screaming. I’ve been a pretty big doubter in Blaine Gabbert’s capacity to be Chip Kelly’s quarterback, but really want to see how Colin Kaepernick is coming along. I don’t believe Gabbert has the capacity to make the offense truly viable, considering the holes on the offensive line and a murderous schedule. If Kapernick looks more like the train wreck he’s been over the last couple seasons, instead of the promising playmaker we saw in 2012 and 2013, the entire offense gets downgraded in my eyes, despite their attractive pace.

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Dan Schneier is a staff writer for PFF Fantasy, a former FOX Sports NFL scribe, and an auction format enthusiast.

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