Draft mistakes you’re about to make in your dynasty league

There's a fine art to looking years down the road in a fantasy draft. Joey Cartolano identifies areas fantasy players should focus on.

| 11 months ago
(Jon Durr/Getty Images)

(Jon Durr/Getty Images)

Draft mistakes you’re about to make in your dynasty league

Training camp is nearly upon us, meaning that we are in the heart of fantasy football draft season for most dynasty leagues. We here at PFF have you covered for all fantasy formats, and heading into the preseason we thought we would take a look at common mistakes that owners make in different league types. Below are four blunders that careless dynasty owners regularly make, and that you should try and avoid. (Catch up on all of Draft Mistakes Week.)

Valuing opportunity over talent in rookie drafts

When draft night rolls around and the upcoming season’s bragging rights and cash are seemingly up for grabs, it’s easy to forget that investing a dynasty rookie pick in a player requires a longer-term outlook and instead draft to fill immediate positional needs on your roster. This dynamic is particularly true for running backs and receivers.

There isn’t much debate anymore in the dynasty community that elite wide receivers are the most valuable assets to own from a consistency and longevity perspective (more on that later). First-round rookie picks are the cheapest way to get your hands on them, and as such you should be using as many picks as you can spare on the position to increase your odds of landing one.

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Joey Cartolano has been contributing dynasty, redraft, developmental and DFS content since 2013. He also makes regular appearances on PFF Radio's Dynasty Slant.

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  • evo34

    Hmm. Aren’t most dynasty leagues using auction drafts with a salary cap? That makes the real question how much to pay for rookies, weighing the trade-off between acquiring the player and paying so much for him, his upside value-over-salary is limited.