3 D/ST’s that will win your fantasy championship

Ryan Rauch breaks down three defenses that have big upside this week and can help win your fantasy football championship.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

3 D/ST’s that will win your fantasy championship

This is it. The final week for fantasy football means all the hours you’ve dedicated to picking matchups, agonizing over flex plays and balancing your gut feelings with the smart plays — it has all come down to one matchup and everything is on the line.

The importance of each pick cannot be overstated. Fantasy games have been won or lost by one completion, one yard, or one bad decision to play a Lamar Miller over Matt Forte only too see everything go up in flames. Too personal?

With the stakes raised this week, you can’t just mindlessly plug in whichever defense you’ve been riding all year and forget about it. The Denver Broncos, this season’s highest scoring D/ST, have looked pedestrian for much of the second half of the season. In fact, the Jaguars have scored more fantasy points since Week 10 than the Broncos have. This isn’t to say you should start the Jaguars over the Broncos this week, but you have to explore every option if you have made it this far and need one more win to lock everything up.

Figuring out which defense will score every week is all about opportunity and aggression. Matchups are huge, but it’s not just the defense vs. the quarterback. You need to look at weak offensive lines that allow sacks and give defenses the opportunity to hit the quarterback and force turnovers. Even a bad quarterback, given enough time, will be able to make completions at this level.

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  • Oscar Benjamin

    I picked up the Steelers for my semifinal game last week. Given your thoughts, would you suggest dropping them and picking up the Lions.