Fade Connor Cook in Week 3 DFS

Ryan Rauch shows you where to who to target and avoid in CFB DFS games this week.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

(AP Photo/Brandon Wade)

Fade Connor Cook in Week 3 DFS

Last week I told you can’t always take what you see from week one and expect the same results in Week 2. This week, I am going to tell you to still temper expectations from players who have put up big numbers thus far, but we begin to get a little more sense of how an offense operates as we get into weeks three, four and five. Ole Miss has averaged 74.5 points per game thus far, but I don’t expect them to hang a Deacon Jones (75) on Alabama this week.

This week I am still looking at where a certain style of offense can expose a defense that is susceptible to either a tough run game or solid pass game. I will look at the first two games and pay more attention to how often a quarterback threw the ball more than what his completion percentage was on those passes. I don’t completely discount how accurate he was or how many touchdowns he threw, but I tend to think if a coach has enough confidence in a player to use him a lot in the first two weeks, there’s a good chance he performs well this week.

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  • neal

    Hi Ryan,

    Big fan of this article. Who are some other guys you like that you would use to fill out a Draftkings roster?

    • ryanrauch

      Sorry I’ve been traveling and just getting back to checking on my PFF. Hopefully you found some advice from some of our other writers. Like Grant (WR WKU), Thomas (WR OSU), and Fraiser (WR Memphis).