Three potential trades for the No. 3-overall pick

Steve Palazzolo offers up a few NFL teams that could strike a smart deal with San Diego for the No. 3 pick.

| 1 year ago
(Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images for New York Jets)

(Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images for New York Jets)

Three potential trades for the No. 3-overall pick

With madness ensuing at the top of the draft, the San Diego Chargers now hold all of the cards with the No. 3-overall pick. A weak roster gives the Chargers a number of options with the pick – DE DeForest Buckner, CB Jalen Ramsey, or OT Laremy Tunsil are all in play – but one other option is using the hot commodity to trade back and gather even more draft picks to use in their rebuild. Per the NFL Network, every time both the No. 1 pick and No. 2 pick were traded, the No. 3-overall pick followed suit.

Whether it’s a QB-needy team or perhaps a team simply looking to lock in one of the six elite prospects in the draft, the Chargers should be busy working the phones to find a good deal.

Here are a few options:

San Francisco 49ers: 7th overall

The trade rumors have been flying all offseason for QB Colin Kaepernick, so the 49ers were expected to be a major player in the QB carousel during the draft. At best, they can grab the third quarterback off the board, and while they’re in good position to do so at No. 7, there is a risk that another quarterback-needy team could leapfrog them into the top six. The other risk with the quarterback class in general is the available talent, as Memphis QB Paxton Lynch is the next-best option after Cal’s Jared Goff and North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz, but Lynch profiles better as a second- or third-round prospect. But lacking a signal caller leads to desperate measures – as we’ve already seen this draft season – so it would not be surprising to see the 49ers make the move to secure Lynch.

New York Jets: 20th overall

The Jets may not have the draft ammo to make a big splash, but they have one trump card: Muhammad Wilkerson. One of the best interior defensive linemen in the league is a trade chip for the Jets, as a long-term deal may not be in the cards and last year’s first-round pick, Leonard Williams, has made the idea of parting with Wilkerson more reasonable.

We’ve been touting DeForest Buckner as the Chargers’ best fit for months, as their defensive line is among the league’s worst and Buckner is a perfect fit for their 3-4 scheme. Wilkerson is also a fit, perhaps more so given his established track record in the league. If the Jets are feeling bold, Wilkerson and draft picks could put them in position to net their quarterback of the future.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 5th overall

It’s not all about the quarterbacks as the Chargers stand to select the best non-QB in the draft and that should warrant interest from a number of teams in the top 10. This may be the most likely option for both the Jaguars and the Chargers. Among the top non-QBs it the draft – Joey Bosa, DeForest Buckner, Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack, and Laremy Tunsil – Ramsey is the best fit for the Jaguars, capable of playing as a cornerback in their scheme with a floor of playing a slot/free safety hybrid as a movable defensive chess piece.

The rest of the elite prospects would upgrade the Jaguars roster, but nothing like what Ramsey could do for that defense. The Jaguars should not risk losing out on Ramsey to either the Chargers or the Cowboys, both of which are distinct possibilities. As for the Chargers, Buckner is their best fit and a drop to No. 5 should still allow them to get their man if the Jaguars take Ramsey and the Cowboys would likely take Bosa, not Buckner, in that scenario. The cost to move for two picks should not be too steep for Jacksonville, making this perhaps the most realistic trade scenario for the No. 3 pick.

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  • Daniel Hart

    They are taking tunsil.

  • Daniel Hart

    Dline is deep in this draft tunsil then dline in the 2nd maybe u swap with jags get an extra 2nd rounder and then get tunsil butler or nkemdiche , Kelly or top safety on the board

  • Hekthore Warro

    Niners ain’t gonna move up for a QB specially since there won’t be any at 3rd overall pick. More likely they move back on 11-20 range in exchange of more draft picks then take guys like Conklin, Floyd, Jackson, Treadwell, Coleman, Ragland or Lynch.

  • Jcool

    49ers aren’t trading up to #3 to draft a QB. Come on guys you are better then that.

  • zinn21 zinn21

    SF will grab Vernon Adams for next to nothing. They won’t trade up..

    • Michael

      That could happen.

  • corey

    As a Jags fan, I wouldnt be against trying to move up to land Ramsey

    • Zach

      And I think that’s the only way you’d get him, I can’t see him dropping to 5 when he’s probably the best player in the draft and both the Chargers and Cowboys have a need at safety

      • corey

        Seems to be the consensus

    • Brendan

      As a Chargers fan, I wouldnt mind dropping to 5th and perhaps grabbing an extra pick and still securing Buckner, Tunsil, or Jack.

  • Jason

    Giants trade up from 10 to 3 for Jalen Ramsey

    Chargers receive: #10 pick, #71 pick (3rd round), next year’s 1st round pick
    Giants receive: #3 pick

    • Michael

      If you trade up that high, why not choose Buckner, Bosa, Tunsil or Jack instead?

  • Jose Adams

    I would love the chargers to trade with the jaguars!!! drop back two places and pick up Buckner.

    whats better than moving back picking up more picks and still getting your guy.

    lets do it!!!!

    if we pick up an extra second we can take either Karl Joseph & Ryan Kelly or Von bell and Johnathan bullard or Robert Nkmedche

    Sua Cravens or Austin Hooper in the third

    • Alejandro Balmaceda

      What i would absolutely love for the chargers to do is that, trade back, get buckner and more picks and pick up Karl Joseph in the 2nd round!

  • Alfonso Capone

    Raiders could trade up by offering the 14th pick and next years #1st rounder and a Third rounder to draft Zeke!

    • NAJ

      Wow, that would be unbelievably stupid

    • Michael

      Zeke is so attractive, would be great with Carr and Cooper, yet that is overpaying.

      And I’m not a Raiders fan.

  • Anthony95

    Lets make that trade with jax happen. Make so much sense for both teams.

  • youngnixx88788

    As a Jags fan, I wouldn’t mind going up to 3 and getting Ramsey; but make no mistake Chargers fans, Jags will give up NO HIGHER than a 3rd rd pick at best.

    • Chuck Waterman

      #3 pick is worth 2200 points on the chart, #5 is worth 1700, and the #5 spot in the second round is worth 530. The math adds up. Chargers may throw in a 7th, but Jacksonville’s 1st and 3rd won’t get it done.

      • youngnixx88788

        The point chart is a relative model, not mandatory or absolute. Jags will be happy to stay at 5

        • Chuck Waterman

          A relative model, yes.. But it’s one that most teams use. Jags won’t be the only ones looking to move up to #3.

  • Bob

    Love Ramsey but better to role dice and let the cards fall. Pretty good chance SD gets Buckner or Tunsil and Dallas needs DE bad with no moves. I would give up a 3rd Rd pick in exchange for a 4th and swap 3 for 5. Dallas won’t impact SD so still a win win

  • Forrest

    I feel like both paragraphs on the Jets were copied and pasted from an earlier article. I know it’s the offseason… but that’s just lazy.