PFF scouting report: Pat Elflein, C/G, Ohio State

The PFF analysis team breaks down the prospects of Ohio State's Pat Elflein ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft.

| 3 months ago
(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

PFF scouting report: Pat Elflein, C/G, Ohio State

Pat Elflein

School: Ohio State

Position: Center or guard, though his best fit may be at guard

Stats to know: Graded better in 2014 and 2015 when playing guard. Elflein produced good run-blocking grades all three years. Struggled with pass protection in 2016 yielding 3 sacks, 2 hits and 11 QB hurries.

What he does best:

  • Uses squatty frame to generate power within the block.
  • Effective at “torqueing” defenders and finishing blocks.
  • Creates movement at the point of attack when drive blocking. Best fit may be inside zone-heavy scheme.
  • Can be effective on shorter pulls from his days playing guard. If playing in a “man/gap” scheme, guard likely his best fit.
  • Three years of solid run-blocking grades are encouraging, even if his positives were limited in scope and style.

Biggest concern:

  • Lunges and whiffs on too many blocks.
  • Quickness and athleticism an issue on second-level blocks and longer pull blocks.
  • Tough transition to center early in 2016.
  • Allowed too many defenders to cross his face on the backside of “power.” This did improve as 2016 progressed.
  • Struggled with difficult reach blocks from center on zone plays.
  • Pass protection was an issue at center and was not great at guard. Allowed three sacks, two QB hits, and 11 hurries in 2016.
  • Too many defenders fell off blocks when in pass protection.

Bottom line: Elflein can be effective in the right scheme as he can create movement at the point of attack in the run game, but he may be scheme-limited at the next level despite his experience playing both guard and center. At guard, he was effective running “power,” either at the point of attack or on the move in short areas and at center his best fit is likely an inside zone scheme that gets him looking to drive nose tackles off the ball. Pass protection is a concern and something Elflein’s future team will likely have to game plan for.

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  • Sufferfortribe

    A lot of Browns fans want this guy. I’m not one of them. I’d rather have Orlosky.