Do Stats Lie? – Rookie Wide Receivers

Joe Bussell evaluates a terrific crop of rookie wide receivers to determine which ones provide the best options the rest of the season.

| 3 years ago
Jarvis Landry

Do Stats Lie? – Rookie Wide Receivers

LandryThe 2014 NFL Draft was a super talented draft from top to bottom. Potentially the deepest position in the entire draft was the wide receiver position. Rookie wide receivers are playing well all over the the NFL and many are putting up big numbers already.

Outside of quarterback, the wide receiver position is arguably the hardest position to learn when making the jump from college to the NFL. The route combinations become more complex and mid-route reads (think sitting down in a window in a zone or carrying the route against man coverage) become exponentially more vital. Because of these dynamics, these wide receivers take a little longer to adjust to the NFL than other positions.

It’s this dynamic that makes this an important position in fantasy. While there are some rookie wide receivers that caught on almost immediately, there are some others that are now emerging as top threats and others who are showing signs that they’re going to have a strong finish the rest of the season.

If you haven’t noticed yet, PFF has a new feature in our premium stats that allows users to select specific weeks or groups of weeks as well as years in the league (rookie, 2nd year, 3rd year, etc.) This week, we can use that new feature to look at these rookie receivers that are already putting up numbers to find out if they’re the real deal and what we can expect going forward. This can also uncover some of the rookie wide receivers that are probably floating around as free agents that are going to provide upside later on in case of injury or lack of depth at the position.

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  • Jon hill

    Benjamin should be one of the lowest rated. He has done almost all his damage in garbage time. It is going to take him awhile.