Do Stats Lie? – Matching Up Defenses

This week Joe Bussell analyzes the defensive matchups to avoid at all cost over final weeks of the season.

| 3 years ago

Do Stats Lie? – Matching Up Defenses

revisThe National Football League is a league that is ruled by matchups. The best team doesn’t always win. The best team on a particular Sunday wins the game. Coaches will discuss “execution” until they’re blue in the face but really what they mean is that the game plan connected well with the players’ ability to execute the principles of that game plan. Coaches will attempt to exploit matchups on both sides of the ball to create and advantage while trying to mitigate matchups that don’t favor their own team.

Fantasy football operates in much the same way. Matchups are key to determining which players will churn out points like a slot machine dumping out coins on a jackpot.

While talent is the basis for all matchups, and the most important component, the opponent plays a major role. It’s not just the opponent but how that opponent matches up against the respective offense as a whole. This not only affects the offensive player but the game flow as well. As we’ve talked about in previous posts, game flow can change the outcome of statistics tremendously. A team who leads a lot will generally run more than a team who is trailing.

This week, we take into account all these factors and look at the defenses that should be avoided and whether they’re susceptible to individual matchups or suffocate entire offenses into submission.

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