Do Stats Lie? – Fantasy Playoff Matchups

It's the fantasy playoffs and Joe Bussell shows how to manage matchups to avoid elimination.

| 3 years ago
Julius Thomas

Do Stats Lie? – Fantasy Playoff Matchups

USP NFL: BALTIMORE RAVENS AT DENVER BRONCOS S FBN USA COIf you’re still reading this then it means that you’re likely participating in your league’s playoffs. Congratulations but now is no time to tear your labrum patting yourself on the back. Only the best teams make it this far and now is when matchups become uber important. Setting a lineup in the playoffs is exponentially more difficult when facing elimination against the best teams in a league.

Every week, fantasy football managers take to Twitter and “Sit or Start” machines to figure out who to play. That’s terrific as it means managers are taking the initiative to figure out how to best set their lineups. Most managers are looking for who is going to score the most points because that’s the whole idea, to score more points, right? It is, but that approach also lacks context.

Matchups in the playoffs aren’t the same as matchups in the regular season. In the regular season, managers aren’t facing elimination when they lose. That context changes how a manager may need to manage his matchups based on the team he’s up against. This week, we take a look at the change in strategy and theory that comes along with playoff matchups.

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