Defensive Player of the Year: Send us the Bill

| 7 years ago

Defensive Player of the Year: Send us the Bill

I love it when my schedule comes in and the Bills are one of my games of the week. You want to know why? Because it means I get to watch Kyle Williams play. And that means I’m in on a secret that not many people seem to be aware of and that makes me feel a little bit (more) special.

Williams is the best defensive player in football this year. I’ve seen him beat up on guards and centers all year round. He’s pushed them over, bull rushed them or just thrown them to floor. He just won’t allow himself to be stopped. And though I doubt he gets the end-of-season honors he deserves I implore everyone to pay him some attention — in a year where there are some truly impressive defensive performers, he’s the best.

1. Kyle Williams, DT, Bills +48.7

Is Williams is going to slow down soon? Ask the Miami interior he destroyed. 

2. Trent Cole, DE, Eagles +50.0

Good to see you again Trent. After three weeks of un-Trent like displays, we got to see Cole at his best when it comes to run defense. Still a little worried about how much pressure he is generating. 

3. Julius Peppers, DE, Bears +42.9

Another top notch-display from Peppers. He’s motivated and damn near unplayable. 

4. Tamba Hali, OLB, Chiefs +48.2

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Hali destroy a guy like he did to Jason Smith. When he does, you remember that there may not be another pass rusher in the league like him.

5. Justin Smith, DE, 49ers +35.9

Smith drops rather unfortunately as his game was cut short by putting his hand on an official (debate how aggressive the official was and how much intent there was to your heart’s content). 

6. Haloti Ngata, DT, Ravens +29.2

Early this year Ngata was getting MVP consideration. He didn’t deserve it then and he doesn’t deserve it now, but he shouldn’t be getting overlooked because he’s playing the most consistent football of his career. Defenses just can’t handle him.

7. Terrell Suggs, DE, Ravens +40.4

A couple of quiet weeks from Suggs who is looking more like the guy we saw in 2009 than the beast we’ve seen this season. I wouldn’t blame him if he was still recovering from that energy sapping second half against Houston.

8. Cameron Wake, OLB, Dolphins +38.9

Call him Cameron, call him Derek, call him whatever. Wake isn’t just a menace rushing the passer, he’s a guy who makes plays when teams run on the Dolphins. That’s the surprise in all of this.

9. Patrick Willis, ILB, 49ers +31.2

Call me fussy, but I want more from Willis. I want him to be dominant every week, but this year he’s had too many weeks where he just hasn’t been that guy.

10. Antoine Winfield, CB, Vikings +21.0

Our top rated cornerback. Not done by a long shot, Winfield can cover exceptionally but brings something extra to the run game that is special. The old cornerbacks have been gold this year.

Dropped Out: Champ Bailey (Broncos)

In The Mix: Charles Johnson (Panthers), Kevin Williams (Vikings), Kamerion Wimbley (Raiders), James Harrison (Steelers), DeMarcus Ware (Cowboys), Lawrence Timmons (Steelers), Quintin Mikell (Eagles) and Bart Scott (Jets)

  • DeathToTheWorld

    If i recall gentlemen, in a previous update, you stated that Charles Johnson currently has a rating above 37. I understand that this list of most valuable proletariats is not merely a recapitulation of the top 10 numerical ratings, however, should Johnson not be listed over fellow defensive linemen on this list, such as the one who is unable to bend his hips or knees, and has no quick twitch fibre whatsoever, the ghastly Justin Smith?

  • Sam Monson

    The problem for Charles Johnson (who we are fans of) is that he lags behind a couple of other 4-3 DEs who are having great seasons (Cole and Peppers). He may not even get in to our Pro-Bowl squad with strong seasons from guys like Chris Clemons in Seattle. He’s having a great season, but so are a lot of other 4-3 DEs.

    Smith however, again, is crushing the 3-4 DE rankings. He is more than double the next player’s grade for the season (Cullen Jenkins in 2nd) and he is by far and away having the best season of any 3-4 DE.

    It’s only really fair to directly compare players within their position groups, and Smith walks ahead in that regard.