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Find all the links to our Cuts Coverage, focusing on Cut Trackers and Divisional Blogs.

| 4 years ago

Cut Central

PFF1We’re covering the reaction to cuts like nowhere else, with a host of features designed to give you as much as information and evaluation as possible.

That means we’re constantly updating our Cut Tracker at each position to let you know where guys are going, but also giving you snap counts and unique PFF grades. If that’s not enough our divisional blogs go into more detail as we bring you notes on every play.

As the day goes on there will be more but for now you can find links to every page right here.


Cut Trackers

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Divisional Blogs

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NFC East   |   NFC North   |   NFC South   |   NFC West


  • Raheem

    Go get the speedy WR guy Saalim Hakim we need him N go get RB michael Turner Please 😉