Colts: Pressure on to find pass rush

| 3 years ago

Colts: Pressure on to find pass rush

PFF-headlinesWhen the Colts got news that Robert Mathis was going to be suspended for four games, they knew they were going to need some temporary help with their pass rush. Now that he has torn his Achilles tendon, they are in over their heads.

Last year Mathis was a one-man wrecking crew for the Colts. His +24.9 Pass Rushing grade was good for second among 3-4 outside linebackers and he was 4th in QB disruptions with 62.

Erik Walden was his counterpart last season and underwhelmed with a Pass Rushing grade of -6.3. This season hasn’t started off any better as he has only managed three total pressures, landing himself among the bottom third of 3-4 outside linebackers in Pass Rushing Productivity at 5.7.

The man left with the unenviable task of replacing Mathis this year, Bjoern Werner, has to develop much more in year two than year one. In his rookie season, he never managed to grade in the green and ranked among the Bottom Five of 3-4 outside linebackers with his 6.6 Pass Rushing Productivity grade. Through two weeks of the season, he hasn’t shown any improvement and still hasn’t posted a positive grade; he has just two total pressures.

This combination has left much to be desired and has paved the way for the Colts to having one of the five worst pass rushing defenses so far this year. If there is a glimmer of hope, it’s that Cory Redding has stepped it up in recent weeks with his +3.8 Pass Rushing grade. The Colts still have a long season ahead of them, but the pressure is definitely on to find their pass rush.

  • nogoodnamesleft90210

    What constitutes a negative pass rush grade? I would think that not generating a pass rush would just be a 0. All I can think is that you’re giving negative grades if no pass rush is generated for an excessive amount of time (e.g. if QB throws the ball in under 3 seconds and there’s no pressure that’s a 0, if 4 seconds and no pressure that’s a -.1, if 6 seconds and no pressure that’s a -.4, and so on). Am I close?

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  • Andreas Haakshorst

    How about trying to trade for Brandon Graham? And what would you be willing to give away? I might just send a 1st round pick…