College Fantasy Football Preview: ACC TEs

Wes Huber continues a comprehensive college fantasy football preview of FBS teams with the tight ends of the Atlantic Coast Conference and their expected value to DFS, devy, and redraft ...

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Bucky Hodges

College Fantasy Football Preview: ACC TEs

Atlantic Coast Conference

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The tight end position may have arose from the benefit of having another large individual able to act as a sixth-offensive lineman and switch sides to play defense, but those days are (figuratively and literally) history. The difference between the top-fantasy tight ends to the second tier has grown considerably over the last 10 years. NFL fantasy footballers have grown adequately accustomed to the positions importance through consideration of the best at the position as potential first-round fantasy picks.

While the same consideration must also be made in college football, the impact individuals are not nearly as pronounced. Many of the best tight ends to ever play in the NFL have slipped through college without the notoriety they deserved. While usage of the internet has increased the available knowledge on players nationwide, the same “discrimination” towards tight end value is still witnessed in the NFL, especially considering that the games elite (Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham) were selected with the 42nd and 95th picks, respectively.

This comprehensive breakdown of the nations FBS teams is focused on providing a means to prevent the slightly unknown, significant fantasy talents from being overlooked. Just as in the NFL fantasy-version, the top-end value provided by selecting an elite-performing tight end can turn a great team into a championship-winning team.

Let’s continue researching the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and begin the tight end analysis, listed in alphabetical order by team.

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