Chiefs: Guards step up against the Seahawks

| 3 years ago

Chiefs: Guards step up against the Seahawks

PFF-headlinesThe performances of the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive guards have been heavily scrutinized this season. Neither Zach Fulton nor Mike McGlynn have excelled, struggling in the run game in particular. Fulton and McGlynn had recorded run blocking grades of -10.2 and -14.7, respectively, prior to the Week 11 game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Ahead of the Week 11 clash against a Seahawks team that was allowing just 79.8 rushing yards per game, the Chiefs were reportedly looking at free agent guards to bolster their options. It was hardly the ideal scenario for the struggling starters; however Fulton and McGlynn responded by producing their best. The Chiefs ran for 190 yards behind Fulton’s (+0.9) and McGlynn’s (+1.4) best run blocking grades of the season. While these grades do not jump off the page, they were good enough to rank 11th and 14th, respectively, among guards that week. It was a step in the right direction for Fulton and McGlynn, and helped provide the platform for Jamaal Charles to record his best rushing performance of the season (+2.1).

Tonight, the Chiefs take on a Raiders defense that has allowed 129.8 rushing yards per game, giving Fulton and McGlynn the opportunity to build on their Week 11 performances.

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