Buy Andrew Luck and Demaryius Thomas

Mike Tagliere goes through his weekly article on the Fantasy Stock Market. Heading into Week 8, he tells you why you need to go and buy Demaryius Thomas and sell ...

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Buy Andrew Luck and Demaryius Thomas

I screamed atop a mountain last week for you to remember how you felt about Mike Evans before the games started on Sunday. Ok, I didn’t actually scream from a mountain, but rather on the Fantasy Slant podcast that I record with Kevin Cole every Thursday, as well as Twitter.

Through six weeks, he’d done nothing but kill your fantasy team. But fantasy players have such a short memory, and it really is a “what have you done for me lately” game that we play.

There are certain players that trigger a fantasy player’s emotion, and for some reason, Evans does that to a lot of people. So naturally, when he posts 164 yards and a touchdown against the Redskins, owners feel all fuzzy inside.

While I understand that you cannot trade away every player that does well, you need to lose that short memory that most fantasy players have. You need to think big picture, and realize what players are going to give you those warm and fuzzy feelings more often than not.

Last week we talked about why you should trade Chris Ivory away due to durability concerns with his workload and history. It won’t always work out perfectly, but he only played half the snaps last week due to a quad injury.

I wouldn’t tell you to trade for a player or to trade one away that I wouldn’t do myself. Let’s take a look at who we are targeting on our fantasy teams first.


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  • evo34

    Ha. Would love to know of a league that values Evans as a “Top 5 WR for the rest of season.” You’d be hard-pressed in most leagues to find anyone who thinks he even a top 15 guy.

  • evo34

    I knew I had heard your name before. Self-congratulatory back-patting aside, #42 out of 95 isn’t exactly going to instill confidence in your recommendations:

    • Miguel Teixeira

      There is a very small difference between #1 and #42 so, in general, you should feel pretty much as confident of #42 as #1; The small % difference would lead me to believe that they all feel pretty similarly about most players relative rankings.

      • evo34

        Clearly, you have no idea how much a small edge in accuracy means in terms of winning fantasy sports.

  • Mark

    I know neither are mentioned in your article, but I’m curious to know if you’d give Dez to get Gurley in a keeper league. Thanks!

    • InYourDreams

      there is no way you could get Gurley for Dez, especially in a keeper.

  • Matt

    Pretty sure Luck beat the Titans.