Blake Bortles again looking like a preseason superstar

Khaled Elsayed explains why he is again intrigued by Blake Bortles' preseason play.

| 2 years ago
Blake Bortles

(AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

Blake Bortles again looking like a preseason superstar

I’ve been fooled by Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles before, during the 2014 preseason, when his impressive performance led me to believe he was primed for a good rookie season. He then went out and ranked last in the NFL in our QB grades.

That’s why I’m trying not to get overly excited about Bortles again lighting it up this preseason – but it’s hard not to be impressed with what he’s done through three games, most notably his performance against the Lions last week. He found a rhythm, playing into the third quarter, and displayed the kind of accuracy that the Jags want to see from the face of their franchise – earning a very impressive +5.7 grade in the process.

His stats are certainly gaudy enough; he completed 20-of-29 passes including seven over 10 yards in the air. What’s more, outside of getting spooked a little early on one play, he showed good poise in a pocket that wasn’t always clean (guard Zane Beadles had issues with the power of DT Tyrunn Walker, and tackle Luke Joeckel struggled with everything thrown at him by Philip Hunt). He scrambled when necessary, and did an excellent job of leading his receivers into extra yards while fitting the ball into some rapidly closing windows.

No career is made on a preseason performance. But you’d be forgiven for allowing Jaguars fans reason to get excited about Bortles after last week.

  • tftfish

    This preseason is clearly different and better than last preseason. Last year he showed that he had all the tools but he still was very raw: he wasn’t great in the pocket and was scrambling too much, making throws out of broken plays, etc. This preseason he looks like a new man. Much more comfortable in the pocket, comfortable in the new offense, he’s making all the throws even when under pressure, making good reads, and most importantly moving the ball down the field.

    If you were to get into the actual details of how he looked on the field, these two preseasons are not just “both good.” This years is much better and more promising.

    • Tito Puente

      Raider fan, watched the whole game thinking i’d swap Carr for him in a heartbeat, he looked terrific…

      after such a great game, i though his most impressive play was when he had all day to throw on 3rd and goal, receivers were covered, and he threw it out of the endzone like a veteran QB should, instead of forcing it because it was the preseason and he had a great game (and no one would’ve blamed him)…

      he looked great.. and poised..

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      • seanjohn0724

        Agreed! I remember thinking the exact same thing on that play when Bortles threw it away.


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