Best players at every position for Week 9

Antonio Brown and Derek Carr lead our list of the best players at every position for Week 9.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Best players at every position for Week 9

There were some big box score performances on Sunday, as the yards flowed for quarterbacks and the sacks flowed for pass rushers. But going beyond that, who would the tape determine worthy of a place on the PFF Team of the Week roster?

Let’s find out.

Quarterback: Derek Carr, Raiders (+8.8)

It may have come in a losing effort, but the performance of Carr only enhanced his resume as perhaps the best young quarterback in the league. He’s taken a huge leap forward this year.

Running back: DeAngelo Williams, Steelers (+4.1)

No Le’Veon Bell, no problem. Williams is running like a man possessed, and gashed the Raiders for 176 punishing yards, including 70 after contact.

Fullback: Tommy Bohanon, Jets (+2.4)

Credit to Bohanon for earning the top run blocking mark of all fullbacks this week.

Tight end: Tyler Eifert, Bengals (+3.0)

It’s hard to beat a man who finds the end zone three times—and couples that with some quality run blocking.

Wide receivers: Antonio Brown, Steelers (+8.8) and Sammy Watkins, Bills (+3.9)

What can you say about the day Brown had that hasn’t already been said? For one thing, it’s the highest ranking we’ve ever given a wide receiver for a single game. Watkins exploded against the Dolphins with a monster effort.

Tackles: Andrew Whitworth, Bengals (+4.6) and Mike Remmers, Panthers (+4.1)

Another game for Whitworth where he simply shut down the opposing pass rush. It’s what he does. Remmers has been a nice find for Carolina, and while he’s had some ups and downs this year, this was his best effort yet.

Guards: Michael Harris, Vikings (+4.4) and Josh Sitton, Packers (+3.8)

If you’d have said that Michael Harris would be the best performer on the Vikings’ line this year, you likely would have received many a quizzical look. His transition to guard has been a roaring success. Sitton is starting to let a few sacks slip through, but his all around play is still fantastic.

Center: Rodney Hudson, Raiders (+2.9)

Performances like this justify the big money the Raiders have given Hudson.


Each week we put forward a hybrid defense that features two edge rushers (4-3 defensive ends or 3-4 outside linebackers), three players on the “interior” of the defensive line (3-4 defensive ends or defensive tackles) and two linebackers (all inside linebackers and 4-3 outside linebackers).

Defensive interior – ends: Kendall Langford, Colts (+7.7) and Aaron Donald, Rams (+5.0)

While you might think Donald is a pass rushing force for a man his size, it’s his ability to penetrate in the run game that constantly shows up. Joining him is his former teammate Langford, who had quite the day with a sack, four hits and three hurries.

Defensive interior – nose: Linval Joseph, Vikings (+10.9)

About as good a 54 snaps as you’ll see from a one-tech. Joseph was a monster in the run game and added some pressures to the party as well.

Edge rushers: Khalil Mack, Raiders (+5.6) and Calvin Pace, Jets (+4.1)

So continues the excellent year of Mack. He had four hurries on the day, but that really doesn’t tell the story of how much trouble the Steelers had with him. For the Jets, Pace gave RT Jermey Parnell all sorts of problems.

Linebackers: Jasper Brinkley, Giants (+5.5) and Anthony Barr, Vikings (+4.2)

Barr has proven to be a key component in the Vikings’ defense, and his ability to do everything well is really driving the team on. Meanwhile, Brinkley is your classic thumper, and while he’ll never contribute massively in coverage, his ability to wreak havoc in the run game shouldn’t be underestimated.

Cornerbacks: Darrelle Revis, Jets (+3.5) and Will Blackmon, Redskins (+3.1)
He’s still got it. Revis was thrown at seven times, allowing just two receptions while breaking up two passes. As for Blackmon, he forced a fumble and only allowed 30 yards into his coverage area despite being targeted six times.

Safeties: John Cyprien, Jaguars (+3.4) and Morgan Burnett, Packers (+2.7)
Nice day for Cyprien, who was all over the field with 10 tackles. Burnett wasn’t too shabby himself, allowing just one pass into his coverage area, despite being targeted five times.

Kicker: Blair Walsh, Vikings
You think he enjoys kicking game winners?

Punter: Pat McAfee, Colts
Another booming day for our top-ranked punter.

Returner: Eric Weems, Falcons
His offense spluttered, but Weems kept changing field position with his ability to weave through defenders.

To see the worst players at every position this week, check out Bryson Vesnaver’s Worst Team of the Week.

  • Jesse

    Raiders with 3 players making the list, including the most important position in QB. Carr is a beast, and Mack’s sack total will get better once our secondary gets healthy and can prevent opposing Qb’s from going to their first read. Raiders on the rise, JUST WIN BABY!

    • Phil

      4 Vikings. Hope they beat your Raiders next week.

      • Michael Angelo

        Not gonna happen, teddy sucks

        • Mathias

          What a dumb, ignorant comment.

          • Brandon

            You have to consider he’s a Raiders fan lol

          • Ricky Perez

            Please, Dont be THAT dumb ass… Being a Raider fan has nothing to do with his ignorance and lack of football knowledge.

          • Brandon

            It has nothing to do with football knowledge what’s ever. Its hard to have a civilized conversation with any Raiders fan without them cussing and talking crap. Do you think a chiefs fan will be able to walk in the black whole without coming out with a black eye lol

          • Ricky Perez

            First of all, dude.. If I remember correctly, you started talking crap to begin with. I simply said something to that & now we are the “Crap Talkers”.. Gthoh!

          • Brandon

            No some raiders fan used derogative language and someone responded real classy and I replied he is a raiders fan. So it wasn’t me talking crap.

          • Ricky Perez

            To me it sounded like an insult.

          • Brandon

            No sir, and I apologize for any misinterpretation that made you think it was.

          • Ricky Perez

            & yes.. A Chiefs fan might be able to leave the Black Hole without 2 black eyes.. IF AND ONLY IF he or she does NOT do any trash talking!

          • Brandon

            Ya I wouldn’t take my chances. I’ve seen Raiders players do.some grimy stuff. Poor Beer on the players, Spit on them, Call them racial slurs. I’ve never seen a more hostile environment other then the black hole. Maybe that’s cause I’m a chiefs fan and I’ve seen the worst but I wouldn’t step a foot anywhere in there.

          • Brandon


          • Ricky Perez

            I live in MN as a Raider fan. And let me tell you this.. I am extremely happy with Carr but Teddy was my 2nd option. Teddy will be great for the Vikes. I am gonna like seeing him on tv on sundays. Every time
            Carr & Bridgewater meet, it will be a good one!

      • radrntn

        should be a good game, but since game is in oakland, have to go with Raiders….doubt if Bridgewater plays

        • enai D

          Bridgewater passed the first concussion protocol test today, Zimmer said he expects him to play on Sunday.

    • Brandon

      As a chiefs fan gotta admit you guys look good. That game with Pittsburgh made me a believer. Can’t wait till we face off. Our leading man for the defensive rookie of the year and your guys leading guy for offensive rookie of the year. Should be a battle for years to come

    • crosseyedlemon

      The autumn wind is a Raider
      pillaging just for fun
      he’ll knock you round and upside down
      and laugh when he’s conquered and won

  • Bobby23

    Hopefully Hudson isn’t too seriously injured. The raiders need him to continue mauling ppl

    • Mike Riley

      MRI was negative according to Rappaport. Should know his status by Thursday. Don’t expect Murray w/ the concussion protocol unfortunately. Need a by committee approach. Hopefully they use Reece in single back more.

      • Bobby23

        Reece definitely needs to see more carries. I cringe every time Jones touches the ball

    • samuel bloch

      Like when AB shredded him for 284 yards….. HA!!! Ya right.

      • Bobby23

        Shredded who? Not anyone I’m talking about

  • enai D

    Linval Joseph is having a ridiculous season. Playing like the best nose tackle in the NFL at the moment. He absolutely embarrassed the Rams yesterday.

  • Vikes167

    Solid listen however, one thing you imply Harris has been the Vikes best lineman which is a complete lie, he has been the worst this week aside, the Vikings best OL is Kalil not even close

    • enai D

      You’re probably right that he hasn’t been the best OL on the entire year, but he definitely hasn’t been the worst either.

  • crosseyedlemon

    My prediction that the Raiders would give the Steelers a very tough battle was spot on. The coaches in Oakland have instilled their total confidence in Carr this season and he has really responded to that in a big way.

  • Tim Edell

    Bohannon must of had a helluva game in pass pro considering they only had 29 yards rushing.

  • derek lundeen

    Teddy is not as good as people say he is and I live in Minnesota and have seen everyone of his games. He also has as many picks as throwing touchdowns but people tend to avoid bringing that up. If a player like jay cutler put up stats like that he would get stones thrown at him, so if Teddy starts winning with a bad defense I will change my opinion but until then i’ll view him as an average quarterback.

    • DennyTheDreamer

      Average quarterback at 23 years old? I’ll take that any day, he’s got time on his side to develop into a better QB.