Andrew Luck ranks dead last among QBs this season

Through Week 8, the Colts' Andrew Luck owns our lowest overall QB grade, and worst passing grade.

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(AP Photo/R Brent Smith)

(AP Photo/R Brent Smith)

Andrew Luck ranks dead last among QBs this season

Since entering the league in 2012, Andrew Luck has never graded outside Pro Football Focus’ top 13 quarterbacks. This year, he sits at the basement of the position, with a 42.1 overall grade, weighed down largely by his league-worst passing grade of 38.7. Luck has seen his performance regress in every major category, culminating in last night’s loss to the Panthers on MNF.

2015 PFF quarterback grades
Rank Team Player Grade
51. SF Colin Kaepernick 46.9
52. BUF E.J. Manuel 46.4
53. DET Matthew Stafford 45.4
54. IND Andrew Luck 42.1
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While Luck may have made some fourth-quarter plays to get the Colts back into the equation, his interception to set up the game-winning field goal was a terrible decision. If that play didn’t sum up the dreadful season he’s had, the pass he threw right to Luke Kuechly in the end zone when they were still down by three did. Here’s an overview of the recent struggles of the former No. 1 overall pick.

It was obvious last night that Luck was forcing plays under pressure. It’s something he’s been doing all season, reflected in the numbers. Overall, Luck has been accurate on just 48.7 percent of passes under pressure in 2015, compared with 59.8 percent last year. He’s also already thrown as many interceptions when under pressure (six) as he did in the entirety of 2014, with significantly fewer touchdowns (four compared with 11). But the issues are not confined to desperation passes in the attempt to avoid sacks, with another six interceptions coming with a clean pocket. (He leads the league with 12 total picks, and owns the worst accuracy percentage.)

Luck’s performances stand is stark contrast to the two starts by Matt Hasselbeck, who led the same group of players to two divisional wins. The veteran Hasselbeck showed composure in his outings, getting the ball out quickly to the open receiver. Although only a small sample size, Hasselbeck’s numbers under pressure are impressive. On 14 dropbacks under pressure, he completed 6-of-11 attempts for 49 yards and a score. There’s no doubt he’s seeing the field and reading defenses better than Luck, with a time to throw of just 2.28 seconds in those games. In comparison, Luck’s 2.87 seconds per throw is the fourth-longest amongst QBs that have played 50 percent of their team’s snaps.

Still, despite all Luck’s issues, the Colts remain the favorite in their absurdly weak division. If Luck is injured, he needs to sit, because he’s doing himself and the team no favors. Alternatively, if he’s healthy, he needs to break out his funk quickly, or the Colts will be watching at home come January.

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  • Jaguars28

    I feel bad for anyone who took him in fantasy.

  • Grisha

    I guess it’s time to call him a bust and fire everyone.

    • Tim Edell

      Good call… Bye bye Pep!!

  • Brit

    Luck should start cheating. That helps other people succeed.

    • Robert Anasi

      Brit: ‘Mommm! The Patriots are being mean to me!’

    • crosseyedlemon

      Might be a bit obvious if Luck attaches a laser pointer to the helmets of his offensive lineman so blitzing opponents can be blinded but I like your thinking here. We’re two month’s into the season without a scandal to keep Roger Goodell busy so something needs to be done about that.

  • Greg Worde

    “The Colts are a team that was good enough to make it to the AFC Championship game, and should only be better in 2015″. SMDH, quotes like these are why I can’t take PFF seriously!

    • Jim Winslow

      They might of been if luck wasn’t so terrible

  • Jefferson

    I wonder what happened to all those Luck > Wilson guys that infected so many PFF threads last year…

    • crashby89

      Last year he was. This year he is not. This year does not change last year. Just like last year Bridgewater was better than Carr and this year he is not. Don’t know why this is such a hard concept for people to grasp?

      • Jefferson

        The repeat posters I remember (there were many) made no such qualification. Your concept was indeed hard for them to grasp!

        It’s not just that they had an opinion. The theme became a constant obsession. It was one one part infatuation with Luck, which was more benign, but also one part Wilson hate, with all the silly charges of game manager etc.

        • crashby89

          It goes both ways with many Wilson fans constantly taking jabs at Luck, kinda like you did here. Happens with every QB duo that is linked in some way. Manning Brady, Luck Wilson, Teddy Carr, Winston Mariota are all examples.

          • Jefferson

            I accept the secondary aspect of your point: I *personally* did take a deliberate and considered jab here — an expression of relief and venting. Not a jab at Luck, who I quite like and respect, but at the brainless idiots who infected PFF Seahawk threads all last year.

            What I totally reject is the false equivalence implied. It did not ‘go both ways’ in any kind of balance on a quantitative or qualitative measure. Luck/Colt threads were not routinely full of pro-Wilson anti-Luck posters. Wilson/Seahawk threads were routinely full of pro-Luck anti-Wilson posters.

  • shaunhan murray

    Leads the league in interceptions yet has mssed 2 games.I was never a luck fan , I thought he and the colts were overratedan and benefited from playing in a division with 3 of the worst 10 teams in the nfl but, to fall this far is way moree than i expected. They were the ccomeback kings for those 11-5 seasons and thats not consistent