49ers: Run-heavy attack leaves Crabtree frustrated

| 3 years ago

49ers: Run-heavy attack leaves Crabtree frustrated

PFF-headlinesDespite making the 51-yard reception on 4th-and-10 that perhaps saved the 49ers’ season on Sunday, wide receiver Michael Crabtree was clearly frustrated after the game with his role in the offense.

Prior to Sunday, Crabtree had been on the field for 72.7% of the team’s offensive snaps, on par with his 70.9% mark from 2012-13 (including postseason).

Crabtree played only 45 of 70 snaps (64.3%) on Sunday, but a look into the 49ers’ personnel packages explains the decrease in playing time.

The 49ers used a heavier-than-normal dose of 22 and 13 personnel (22 snaps total) and it’s usually Anquan Boldin or Brandon Lloyd as the lone WR in these run-heavy sets – not Crabtree.  In fact, Crabtree has only played five of the team’s 82 snaps in 22 personnel all year. When the 49ers used two or more WRs on Sunday, he saw  the field on 45 of 48 plays.

Despite a decrease in Crabtree’s productivity this season (his Yards per Route Run in 2014 is 1.40, down from 2.55 his last full season in 2012), Sunday’s lower snap count appears solely a result of the 49ers going back to the power run game that has made them successful in past seasons.


    Craptree drops too many passes! Overrated piece of crap! Sherman was right.

  • Luv49

    Crabs could be a great…. oh nevermind, I’ve been saying this for 4 or 5 years, sometimes you just have to look past expectations and realize what a player is, and in crabs case he is just average. I hate to say it, but Sherman WAS right. And I hate Sherman.

  • AloysiusMcFudd

    He’s been a crybaby ever since he arrived. #1? On a team that had Rice, Owens (x2), Taylor, Washington, Wilson, McNeil, etc…? Now that’s funny…

  • Jake

    Kap and Crab showed huge potential in Kap’s first year but this year it seems (aside from the NO game) Kap has been somewhat at fault for Crab’s production. More than half the throws to him are rushed and are not well-placed enough for any receiver to make a play on. I’m just as disappointed with Crab as anyone but I just think the struggling OL has contributed to Kap making some terrible throws- more than Crabtree himself not performing. The diva aspect doesn’t help him though.

    • eYeDEF

      Sorry that excuse doesn’t wash when it doesn’t seem to be affecting Bolden’s numbers at all.

  • John W. Shreve

    This is his contract year….bye,bye Crabby. Don’t let the door hit ya, where the Good Lord split ya.