2015 Depth Charts Update: Arizona Cardinals

A breakdown of the Arizona Cardinals' Depth Chart after Free Agency and the Draft.

| 2 years ago

2015 Depth Charts Update: Arizona Cardinals



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  • The big move the Cardinals made on offense to open free agency was the signing of former San Francisco 49ers guard Mike Iupati. Our second-highest graded guard as a run blocker in 2014, Iupati has made a name for himself in that regard since entering the league in 2010. The concern with Iupati is that his work as a pass protector has never quite matched that, but for a Cardinals team looking to improve their running game, he was a smart signing.
  • Drafting David Johnson looks like a good move too, with Andre Ellington looking like he’s much more suited to sharing the load as opposed to being the primary back. Ellington dazzled as a change of pace player as a rookie in 2013, forcing 31 missed tackles on 157 offensive touches. However, with 247 touches in 2014, he forced just 20 missed tackles. If Johnson can come in and lighten the load, we may see Ellington get back to what he showed as a rookie.
  • On defense, former New England Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard replaces Antontio Cromartie as a starting cornerback opposite Patrick Peterson. Dennard claimed a role as a starting corner late midway through his rookie season in 2012, performing well for the Patriots, but struggled in 2014, finishing with a grade of -7.6 on just 241 snaps. He has shown flashes in the past, particularly in his first two seasons in the league, so the Cardinals will be hoping he can recapture that in 2014.
  • Their defensive line should be impressive again in 2015, especially with Calais Campbell still one of the very best in the league. Campbell was our fourth-highest graded 3-4 defensive end in 2014, and he sees a new face next two him at nose tackle in Corey Peters. A solid player since entering the league in 2010, Peters might not wow you, but he does a very solid job year in and year out.


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  • KWS13

    How is Patrick Peterson still considered HQ considering how poorly he seemed to play and how inconsistent he was? Also as a side not the abundant yellow, orange and especially gray doesn’t seem to bode well for a playoff repeat

  • Mike Parrott

    I wonder just how many AZ fans would have liked to have Duke instead of David Johnson. Sounds like Arians isn’t too thrilled with the rook yet. Ellington’s PT is safe.

  • theowl

    Dennard average?

  • Dalen Erickson

    I think they scored a real gem in Dennard. Im a Husker fan so Ive watched his ENTIRE career and let me tell ya, this kid has serious potential and has played well given his limited opportunities

  • SuperRaider

    you guys ranked Donald Penn higher than Valdheer in the PFF 100 but why give Veldheer a dark green and Penn a light green?

  • Ray Reynolds

    You have Jefferson starting at SS while their depth chart has Buchanon.

  • Tipster Galgos

    Updated grade charts for this month?