2015 Depth Charts: Green Bay Packers

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2015 Depth Charts: Green Bay Packers



•  You’d struggle to find an offense in the league with more Elite players than the Packers, with Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Josh Sitton all finding themselves in that top bracket with a continued period of excellence from all three.

•  Despite an impressive playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, Davante Adams’ rookie season was somewhat lackluster. Finishing the year as the second lowest graded rookie receiver, much more will be expected from him in his second year in 2015.

•  We were very much down on Julius Peppers when the Packers signed him, but he really impressed as a pass rusher in his first season in Green Bay. How much longer does he have at that level? Only time will tell, but he’s proved he can still perform at a high level.

•  In an ideal world Clay Matthews would be at outside linebacker again but, with the inside linebackers currently on the roster, it makes more sense to play him inside. If they can find some solid interior linebackers, it would allow him to move back outside and pair with Peppers again.

Team Needs

Wide Receiver: Randall Cobb is a devastating receiver from the slot and if he leaves in free agency it will be a big loss for the Packers. It’s asking a lot to expect Adams to improve by that much in his second season, so finding a solid second or third option is key.

Tight End: Quarless has established himself as a solid starter, but outside of him there is little to get excited about at the position and a solid No. 2 tight end is needed in the very least.

Inside Linebacker: As mentioned above, finding some solid inside linebackers helps out at two positions. Even if they are content with Matthews on the inside, someone to pair with him would make sense.


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  • Jason Williams

    I actually dispute that Randall Cobb is “devastating” – his pure vanilla routes are just average. Where Cobb makes his money is when the play breaks down which only works because of Rodgers’ incredible pocket presence and escapability.

    I think Cobb will really struggle with a QB that doesn’t have that dimension. By contrast I think Cobb could be a perennial Pro Bowler in Pittsburgh.

    • habesha4live’s bro

      thats total crap. He’s maybe one of the best when the pocket collapses but that doesnt mean he is no good receiver… How do you think did he get his 100+ yards or 10+ TD’s? He was the most reliable receiver for the Packers. Even more than Jordy Nelson. And that means something.

      • habesha4live’s other bro

        I mean 100+ receptions

      • Jason Williams

        I hope he goes to a real crap team and then we’ll find out for sure – that didn’t work out so well for Greg Jennings.

        • habesha4live’s bro

          Ok, please mention some great receivers with such reliability without a good QB. My counter-argument for Jennings is Fitzgerald.

          • Jason Williams

            Cobb = Fitzgerald? lol

          • habesha4live’s bro

            Did I say so? Dont think so.
            I meant Fitzgerald also had the stellar stats with Warner but then went from very good to ok from year to year. With less talent as Jennings has its clear Fitzgerald still has the better numbers, though. So its more Jennings=Fitzgerald careerwise

          • SeattleSteve

            ssshhh, a bear’s fan is trying to teach you about “offense”.

          • habesha4live’s bro


    • mutzki

      Any receiver in the league probably struggles without a good QB. That being said, i think Cobb is very reliable, he makes awesome catches and his quickness in small spaces is really rare. I’m kinda getting the feeling the Packers don’t want to pay upwards of 9 million a year for him, though. And i think 9 million would be too much. Prepared to see him walk, although i can’t imagine it.

  • Jaguars28

    Some improvements needed on defense. Great team, otherwise.

    • mutzki

      Josh Boyd, at times, was impressive. Datone Jones and Sam Barrington showed steady improvement. HHCD is no rookie anymore and with his emergence as a centerfielder Burnett can come down into the box and play the run more, which is what he excels at. I think Hyde is a lot better than the PFF staff gives him credit for. I don’t know, but maybe with one more year of grooming and just a tad bit more consistency this defense could very well be top 10, maybe even top 5, again.

      • Jaguars28

        Top ten in 2015, I can see. Top five is stretching it, IMO.

        • mutzki

          Well they were scratching at the top 10 at times last season and that was with some awful games against the Saints, Bears and Seahawks. I agree top 5 is quite optimistic, but one can hope :)

          • ChiTownMagic

            Not with Dom’s “Take the gas pedal” approach to the final minutes of games where his defense just allows points (example; any blowout win/2013 game against Ponder/etc.)

      • Yonatan Bogale

        Yeah, I really liked Boyd as a NT, too. And while only few ILB have highly positive grades, I wonder why Barrington is rated as “below average” with a -5 grade (If Im remembering right)

  • Chris

    I figured if they limited Peppers’ snaps that he could be efficient again – I assumed it was the high workload that was slowing him down in Chicago. Very impressed to see how well he played so late in his career this year.

    As far as the LBs, if Matthews is semi-competent in coverage at ILB it would make more sense to keep him there and just draft a good edge rusher, which are far easier to come by than quality ILBs.

    Overall this is a very quality roster and they were one onsides kick recovery away from potentially winning the SB. Not surprising to see so much green and blue.

    • mutzki

      I disagree. I want Matthews on the outside. That’s where his potential impact is the biggest. I don’t want him in the middle where his ability to fly around and tackle hinges on the defensive line keeping blockers away. I also think the Packers plan to move him back outside.

      • Chris

        My logic was, Matthews might be Elite if he’s an OLB but it’s hard to find a quality ILB. It’s much easier to draft a decent edge rusher who doesn’t have to be relied upon in coverage.

        Great Matthews inside plus an average-to-good edge rusher outside is better than Elite Matthews outside plus a below average ILB.

        Just my opinion. If they think they can find a quality ILB more power to them.

        • Tim Edell

          He still lines up at OLB on passing downs – he is manily lined up inside on early downs.

        • mutzki

          Especially since this draft is said to be weak at ILB. Still, i want to see Matthews rush the passer, Barrington showed promise last season, maybe he’s the next Desmond Bishop (late draft pick, starting to blossom into a quality starter)

          • Yonatan Bogale

            I also think all the ILBs like Perryman, McKinney and Kendricks are not worth a first round pick. Depending on whether a new DT will be signed or not I would prefer a DT at first round or the best value player and then Stephone Anthony as the 2nd pick. I think he would fit the most for the Packers as he is an allrounder with the physical traits to be a good ILB. It doesnt make sense only to draft a ILB because he can stuff the run but cant cover

        • PetEng

          Is Matthews even a ‘very good’ OLB anymore?

          2012: 877 snaps, 28.3
          2013: 571 snaps, .7
          2014: 1029 snaps, 2.2

          • Chris

            A fair point.

          • SeattleSteve

            In fairness, ever since Colin lit up the Pack with the read option, they’ve reeled in their aggressiveness on defense – so Clay is probably playing more cautiously than previous seasons when he’d just go all out.

          • Izach

            I don’t think he was, honestly he had gotten better at other aspects of OLB but has always been a coverage sack guy, at ILB I think they get more out of his athletic ability now, and his declining explosion is less of an issue at ILB than OLB

      • lastbuffalo60

        By playing inside gives him the ability to play sideline to sideline and most defenses designed to keep off,lineman off of linebackers.he will do some damage where ever he lines up

        • mutzki

          Yes he will, but his impact is higher on the outside. I don’t want his talent and capnumber being wasted on fending off offensive linemen and chasing after runningbacks, i want him sacking the quarterback

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    I’d bump Clinton-Dix up one for his name alone.

    • Chris

      Ha Ha

  • Yonatan Bogale
  • Ryan Wilson

    I think Green Bay Brass saw your depth chart and cut A.J Hawk Today.

    • Yonatan Bogale

      Thank god

  • PackMaster

    I think Jordan Cameron would be a great FA signing for the Packers. His injury risk is lessened because the offense is already top notch without him. They should have the cap space to sign him. I project him around 6-8 mil. TE is also the only need on the offense (assuming Cobb and Bulaga both return).