2015 Depth Charts: Chicago Bears

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2015 Depth Charts: Chicago Bears



•  How far has Jay Cutler fallen? His play last season would put him in the Below Average group at best, but we’ve given him some leeway on the basis of his career and kept him at Average for now. Either way, he needs to avoid a repeat of last season in 2015.

•  Brandon Marshall caused the most debate between Ben, Sam and myself on the offense, but ultimately we decided that he didn’t play well enough as a receiver in 2014 to have him in the Very Good group.

•  Below Average might be a bit generous to Kyle Fuller, with only his strong first quarter of the season and the fact that he was a rookie saving him from dropping into the bottom category. He started the season well, and the Bears will need him to find that form again in his second season.

•  Shea McClellin struggled as a defensive end, but his work against the run as a linebacker meant we felt he deserved to be in the Average category. He’s not great in coverage, and doesn’t offer much as a pass rusher, but the position change has at least helped one aspect of his play.

Team Needs

Right Tackle: Regardless of who is under center for the Bears in 2015, they would benefit from an improvement at right tackle. Jordan Mills has struggled in both seasons since entering the league and, in a year where there are some decent tackles out there, it makes sense for the Bears to upgrade.

Wide Receiver: Even if Marshall stays in Chicago, there isn’t much beyond him and Alshon Jeffery at the position. Marques Wilson didn’t have a great season but we probably haven’t seen enough to judge him yet, while the others haven’t come close to seeing the field enough to form an opinion on.

Linebacker: It says a lot that McClellin is currently the best linebacker on the Bears roster, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they could upgrade at all three positions in the offseason. In the middle Bostic struggled again, with his coverage being particularly disappointing in 2014.


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  • Jaguars28

    These ratings are pretty generous IMO

    • Chris

      The offense seems pretty accurate. They were very talented just had some QB and coaching issues last year. But I agree the defensive ratings seem very generous. No real stars though, just a bunch of average and below average players.

  • Jason Williams

    I think the Bears are way better than they showed last year. But I confess to being an over-optimistic fan in the preseason. I think this coaching staff adds 4 wins to last year’s team, easy. 2 more wins and they’re a playoff team. A guy can hope.

    • Tim Edell

      Its going to take this staff at least a year to get to 9 wins. By going to a 3-4 there basically going to have to blow up the entire D and start from scratch.

      • Jason Williams

        one thing is for sure – we’re going to find out right away how good this coaching staff really is.

        • Jaguars28

          The coaching staff is only as good as Jay Cutler is.

      • bobrulz

        The good news is that the defense can’t really get much worse. Blowing things up might be an improvement in and of itself.

    • James

      Clearly you have not looked at the schedule. If we hit 7-9 that would be a “success”.

      -Realistic Bears Fan

      • Jason Williams

        I’ll get realistic after an embarrassing Week 1 home loss – oh wait that happened this year…

  • Tim Edell

    I believe Matt Forte deserves to be in the very good category

  • steelerguy1

    Would a 3-4 defense not make more sense, seeing as how Vic Fangio is the coordinator now. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/9495/vic-fangio

    • Chris

      Think it’s already been confirmed that they’re switching.