2015 Depth Chart Updates

A team-by-team look at the depth and quality of each position on the roster after Free Agency and the Draft.

| 1 year ago

2015 Depth Chart Updates

2015-depth-chartsThe headline signings of Free Agency and the spectacle that is the NFL Draft are dwindling in the rear-view mirror and with that comes vastly different rosters and the need to update our Depth Charts. So over the coming days here at PFF we’ll be taking you through the latest Depth Charts for all 32 NFL teams. Here you can find links for each team to see how Free Agency and the Draft has shaped and improved each team in comparison to where they stood before Free Agency began.

As usual, please read the associated notes above (and on the individual articles) as the devil is usually in the detail. However, if you do see mistakes or have comments, we’d encourage you to post them in the comments section of each article (or below if it relates to the entire series). If you believe that information is definitive (and not just your opinion) it would be great if you could post a link.

For example, if the head coach has just come out and said X player will be given the first opportunity to win the starting job, it would be really helpful if you could give us a quick way to verify it. If we work together on this we can produce an extremely accurate and definitive set of depth charts that will hopefully be useful for everyone.

Key Points

1. The grade given is for now – it’s not a prediction of future development. While it’s primarily based on last year (or their last year of action) it does include more than just a nod to their career. For example, if a corner played well up until 2014 and then stunk, we’ll take account of his better years as well. Further, this is an opinion based series, as a group we have had a series of discussions to weigh up which rating to give each player. No one in PFF believes the overall grades are absolutely definitive and neither should you. For example, how should one weight the relative receiving and blocking skills of a tight end? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2. Elite is as advertised. Broadly it’s the best 50 players in the NFL but that doesn’t mean its two or three from each position group across the board. There may be none or there may be seven or eight. That’s just the nature of it; some periods are good for one position, some others.

3. The grade is for the position specified and doesn’t include their usefulness on special teams. So, for example, while we know Kelcie McCray of Kansas City is currently the best special teams player in football, his grade reflects only his play as a defensive back.

4. 2013 was the first season we began to grade long-snappers and other special teams positions in unrivaled fine detail. We don’t just factor totally botched snaps into a long snapper’s grade, but snaps that are significantly off-line in any direction, whether that inaccuracy was compensated for by the punter or holder or not. A long-snapper’s grade will also be made up from his work on coverage units and can be harmed by missed tackles, poor lane-discipline among other factors.

Links to the charts as they post:

Arizona Cardinals Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons Minnesota Vikings
Baltimore Ravens New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers New York Giants
Chicago Bears New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals Oakland Raiders
Cleveland Browns Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers
Detroit Lions San Francisco 49ers
Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks
Houston Texans St Louis Rams
Indianapolis Colts Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans
Kansas City Chiefs Washington Redskins


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  • Ryan

    I love these, but I’m not feeling the new layout

  • Forrest

    Damn this website needs a UX/UI or graphics person. You have amazing content but the page design leaves so much to be desired. Simple is good… but some minor changes in presentation of the content could really improve the user experience (e.g. how about you make the depth chart images big enough to read without zooming in).

    And you need to start using modal windows. Loading everything in a separate view is an awful user experience. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modal_window

    I’m trying to be constructive here. If you want anymore legitimate feedback let me know.

    • whattheDEUCE22

      Totally agree. Some of the best content available, but the packaging is what holds this site back. I’m guessing they dont have the resources right now for a full redesign.

      • Ryan Johnston

        How you got perrish cox average with 5 interceptions but wanna dick ride chris Harris and give him elite with only 3

        • Wyzel

          Obviously you have missed the point, INT totals are not what they base this off, its grades. Considering Cox was 35th CB and Harris was #1. Also Harris gave up 0 TD’s. cox gave up 3 TD’s. I could keep going but i doubt anything will sway you.

        • Chris

          It might have something to do with:

          QB Rating Allowed
          Cox: 78.0
          Harris: 47.8

          Pass Defenses+INTs
          Cox: 5+8=13
          Harris: 3+10=13

          TDs Allowed
          Cox: 3
          Harris: 0

          Catch % Allowed
          Cox: 61.5%
          Harris: 51.7%

          Yards Per Catch Allowed
          Cox: 14.1
          Harris: 7.7

          • Christopher Stadel

            Cox had 16 Pass Defenses

    • Mike Mitchell

      i’m a front-end developer for a major clothing and pop-culture company based out of Philly. I couldn’t agree more with this man. If he’s offering to help with the overall user experience, you should take him up on the offer. Give this man some business.

      • Ryan Johnston

        Of course he’s right but the designers are just as dumb as the graders on it. Terrible ….

        • Mike Mitchell

          Not sure what that has to do with development. If you don’t like the design? Campaign for them to hire a full-stack developer/designer hybrid. They can hire a branding firm, even. Or, you can go elsewhere where you like the design.

          Don’t like the grading? Start your own site. Do the analysis you believe will be compelling and honest, and see if you can make some money doing this. Competition is a good thing.

  • Al

    Please please no extensive graphical bullshit on this site. It’s easy to read, quick to load and never causes my computer problems. Most modern websites are pointlessly overbearing in their presentation and demands of my computer. Ignore Forrest.

    • Forrest

      Did I say they needed to radically change the website? No, I didn’t. I simply stated that “some minor changes in presentation could really improve the user experience.” The keyword there is minor. Try to properly comprehend what you are commenting on before you comment.

      • Al

        Damn this website needs a UX/UI or graphics person. You have amazing content but the page design leaves so much to be desired.

        That was the first two sentences. Then you mention minor changes after suggesting major ones. Forgive me if I was confused.

  • Gordon McGuinness

    Just a note for all the comments people have made so far in relation to updates with positional/depth chart position changes:
    That’s for the notes, and especially the links to verify it. Rather than updating them one by one as we see each comment, I think the best way to do it is to look at them all at the end of this week and update them all in one go.
    Just didn’t want anyone to think we were ignoring the comments for now.
    As for the graphics, feedback appears split. Personally I like the new layout, and we’re tied into it this time around, but we’re always open to changing it back or to something different next time around.

  • SuperRaider

    come on, when does the Raiders chart go up?

    • Chris

      Well, Monday we got the AFC/NFC East, Tuesday we got the AFC/NFC North, and now on Wednesday we’re getting the AFC/NFC South.

      I’m gonna guesssssssss…..tomorrow??

      Spoiler Alert: It’s all orange and red.

      • SuperRaider

        very funny. There’s no red in the raiders starting lineup right now. Only orange is our RT and RG

        • Chris

          I’m just messing with you :)

        • D’Angelo

          “only orange is our RT and RG”…

          Yeah.,. I don’t think you’re going to be too happy when the Raiders chart rolls out

          • SuperRaider

            well obviously we will have orange and red non starters, every team does. Did you see the chart tough? They have our starting QB, MLB, and RG in orange. And QB was a rookie last year

  • bobrulz

    I don’t like the new format at all. I want to be able to see the first name of the players, and to see it without zooming in to a separate window.

    Sometimes simple is better.

  • Phantom Of the Oprah Winfrey

    A lot of players that were very good in the previous one became elite suddenly, Greg Hardy for instance was a very confusing one. Any reason for this?

  • Ryan Johnston

    How is perrish cox average with 5 interceptions and 53 tackles … This site is more kindergarten then the website design … Stupid

    • Chris

      It might have something to do with:

      QB Rating Allowed
      Cox: 78.0 – Above Average

      Pass Defenses+INTs
      Cox: 5+8=13 – Great

      TDs Allowed
      Cox: 3 – Average

      Catch % Allowed
      Cox: 61.5% – Average

      Yards Per Catch Allowed
      Cox: 14.1 – Below Average

      • Christopher Stadel

        Cox had 16 pass defenses

  • Moonlightswami

    I counted 48 elite players. Are the final 2 K/P?

  • TheKlot

    Is this ever going to get updated?