2014 PFF All-Sophomore Team

Sophomores have put the growing pains of their rookie season behind them and Khaled Elsayed takes a look at those who've shown best for 2014.

| 2 years ago

2014 PFF All-Sophomore Team

2014-ALL-SOPHYesterday’s news to some, the 2013 NFL draft class has produced more than its fair share of impact players. These are the players brought in for their special talents who have started to get the feel of how the league works but are still developing their craft. Some will thrive and some will not which is the way of life in the NFL.

So while the rookies may get more attention, we’re not going to ignore those guys who are still in the early days of their NFL careers but impressing us. This brings us to the PFF 2014 All-Sophomore Team:

Quarterback: Mike Glennon (TB)

We’re not exactly starting this thing off with a bang. Glennon wins in because he simply was the least worst, with that to be expected in a class that has produced Geno Smith and EJ Manuel.

2014-ALL-SOPH-INSET-bellRunning Back: Le’Veon Bell (PIT)

That’s more like it. Bell was a PFF First Team All-Pro with a stunning year that saw him making plays any time he got the ball in hand. Our top-ranked running back on the year, he’s developed into an every-down threat.

Fullback: Kyle Juszcyk (BAL)

A solid lead blocker with a knack for catching balls (only Marcel Reece caught more). He hasn’t developed into a Vonta Leach-type road grader yet but it was an encouraging first season of extensive action.

Tight End: Travis Kelce (KC)

Edging out Zach Ertz, the only thing that seemed to slow Kelce down was his playing time. He figures to be an even bigger weapon in Year 3.

Wide Receivers: DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) and Kenny Stills (NO)

Injuries slowed Keenan Allen and there really wasn’t any receiver who stood out in the slot. So these two picked themselves with Hopkins especially impressive in showing why he was a first-round pick not too long ago.

Tackles: Terron Armstead (NO) and Lane Johnson (PHI)

Tough luck for Ricky Wagner who was in contention for an All-Pro nomination until late season form and injury issues plagued him. That let the excellent Johnson in despite only playing 12 games. Left tackle was far less contentious with Armstead really the only possible choice. He’s not in the upper echelon of tackles but he’s looking like a good one.

2014-ALL-SOPH-INSET-frederickGuards: Oday Aboushi (NYJ) and Kyle Long (CHI)

The improvement in Kyle Long was noticeable in pass pro with him edging out Larry Warford for this selection. Left guard was more about who not to pick with Aboushi doing a serviceable job after replacing Brian Winters and former first-rounder Jonathan Cooper still struggling to get on the field.

Center: Travis Frederick (DAL)

A beast of a run blocker, Frederick is a huge part why it looks so easy for the Cowboys offense at times. This was about as easy a choice as there was.



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  • davathon

    Jelani Jenkins is a godsend. The Dolphins have whiffed on so many 2nd-4th round draft picks. It’s about time they hit on one. The idiot coaching staff wouldn’t have even recognized his talent if it weren’t for injuries to the starters.

  • Jason Williams

    Would like to know if PFF has enough data to grade entire draft classes and rank franchises and draft classes as best to worst. I’m thinking my Bears are scraping the bottom of that barrel or maybe not because the guys they draft never end up playing anyways. Ugh.

  • steveb83

    While I’m sure part of any rookie’s success is due to coaching and scheme fit, I find it fascinating just how poorly the top tackles in this class have played thus far. I feel bad for fans of the Chiefs and Jaguars who suffered through terrible seasons to see their teams land Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel, respectively, with those high picks.

    Hopefully these young tackles can improve and turn things around, but it hasn’t been a promising start for them.

  • LG33

    This has to be one of the weakest draft classes ever

    • pete

      except for RBs, I’d have to agree.

    • Tyler Ferree

      Its one year in, a lot of these guys will benefit from a full offseason. If you want a bad top of the draft look at 2012 there is nothing between Luck and Kuechly.

      • eYeDEF

        If you’re judging draft classes by the top ten picks I can see why you’d think that. But why would you limit yourself to judging a draft to ten players? If you include the rest of the draft 2012 it was a good year with talented players.

        • Tyler Ferree

          Generally you do put more weight on the higher picks, also keep in mind the strength of the class was supposed to be the star power at the top (there was some anticipated depth, but mostly the focus was on the first round), and frankly most of them haven’t come close to meeting the hype (in the top 20 and ts really just been Luck, Kuechly, Gilmoure, Dontari Poe, Tannehill (if he could figure out how to pass downfield), and Flectcher Cox note 2-7 are unrepresented).

          • eYeDEF

            If you check out the PFF All Pro 3rd year players today I think you’ll see the importance of judging an entire class for what it is, not whether players fulfill expectations placed by media created ‘hype’. 2012 was a talented draft class. Yet talent can be hard to spot by the media and even GMs before the draft.

    • Feel

      No top talent but lots of mid levels… 2009 is the worst draft ever

    • eYeDEF

      I agree, that was a really sad list of sophmores.

    • NAJ

      What??!! The cornerbacks are quality and still improving. Floyd and Richardson on the interior is scary good and Ansah & Collins are absolute quality players on D. Kelce and Hopkins are good talents on the rise, while Bell is the possibly best all round RB in the league. Lane Johnson, Kyle Long and Frederick are some of the top players at their positions in the whole league. Not to mention players that didn’t make this team such as Star Lutulelei, Bernard, Ellington, Alonso, Lacy, Warford, Allen. It may not be flashy cos the lack of superstar QB’s or WR’s, but it is a very good draft class.

      • TBizzle

        I hate when fantasy football players post about defensive players.

        • NAJ

          Care to add reasoning to why you think i’m wrong and why you think i’m a fantasy football player? Without any substance in your post, you sound like a moron. I’d like to know which of those above defensive players you don’t think are very good?

    • Mildred

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  • idgafkurt

    No love for Packers LT Bakhtiari? Starting LT on a top 5 O-line, did a great job protecting Rodgers blindside all season. I know PFF rates him as a horrific run blocker, but the Packers did avg 120 yards rushing a game this year, and a LT job in GB is to protect A Rod first and foremost…

    • Ben Alfveby

      Bakhtiari was not even a top 3 2nd year pass blocking tackle, per PFF’s grades. You don’t get points for the rest of the line being good either.

      Lane Johnson was great in both pass and run blocking, and Armstead was atleast above average in both.

  • nedsports

    Jamie Collins is a freak of nature, future stud IMO