2014 Depth Chart: Washington Redskins

A look at the depth and quality of each position on the roster for the 2014 Washington Redskins.

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2014 Depth Chart: Washington Redskins

2014 depth update WAS

[Chart last updated 7/1/14… see update notes from 7/1/14]


•  So where do you slot a player like Robert Griffin III after his first two seasons in the league? His first was impressive, finishing the year as our ninth-highest-graded quarterback and looking like the sky was the limit as far as his potential was concerned. Then came the knee injury and a 2014 season where he finished 13th from the bottom at the position. Taking the injury into consideration, we’re going with the light green category, not as high as his 2012 season deserved, but higher than he would have gotten had 2013’s struggles not come with the injury asterisk.

•  Though he was our highest-graded offensive tackle in 2013, it makes sense to hold off on labelling Trent Williams as elite before we see how he follows up his best season to date. It’s only been a year since he finished as our 19th player at the position, but make no mistake, if Williams plays like he did last season, he’s very much an elite player.

• It’s a similar story for right tackle Tyler Polombus, who had an excellent 2013 season but his play in the past makes me reluctant to go too high on him. An impressive season in pass protection masked some poor play as a run blocker so I’ve opted to balance it out with an average rating at this point.

Roster Battles

1.  Inside Linebacker

Perry Riley’s spot appears to be safe at inside linebacker for Washington, but who starts next to him? Right now Keenan Robinson appears to be the leader for the job, though he faces a battle with Darryl Sharpton and Akeem Jordan. Both Sharpton and Jordan are solid defenders against the run but haven’t really excelled against the pass in the past, something that will need to change if they are to be viable candidates as three-down linebackers.

2.  Kicker

After drafting him in May, Washington will be expecting rookie kicker Zach Hocker to compete with Kai Forbath for the team’s place kicker job in 2014. Known for having a strong leg in college, he should be able to push Forbath, who was accurate on 81.8% of his field goal attempts last season, including three misses from beyond 40 yards. If Forbath can get back to his 2012 form, when he was accurate on 94.4% of his field goal attempts and hit everything from 40 yards or longer, he should be able to hold off the challenge of the rookie.


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  • Harald

    Phillip Thomas is missing at the safety position, Tom Compton is the reserve at LT, and Hayward is more of an ILB than an OLB.
    But great work as always, hope that RGIII is making the jump to dark green this year. And Amerson and Thomas showing some improvement.

    • Gordon McGuinness

      Thanks for the info – have sent in an updated version to reflect the changes.

      • Ray

        Add Breeland at the CB. Should Challenge for the 4th spot and be a special teams stud.

      • jarem

        Also Phillip Thomas is playing strong while Bacarri is playing free.

    • Phil

      Phillip Thomas was supposed to start last year before his injury. I am hoping for a great year!

  • Bo

    RG3 is an average starter at this point.

    • DrAWNiloc

      Yes, but only if, by “average”, you mean a healthy Top 12 PPG Fantasy Football QB in 2013 who has the NFL’s softest opponents in 2014 (which, along with the arrival of WR DeSean Jackson, should ensure that he’ll be Top 6 going into 2015).

      • Chris from the Cape

        In last season’s NFCCG Kapernick had 17 yards passing in the first half and 3 TOs in the 2nd, but probably had an average game by fantasy standards given his rushing stats, no?

        • DrAWNiloc

          I’m not sure what this has to do with Fantasy Football (which ends before the regular season does) or RG-III but, FWIW, in standard scoring Keapernick would get at least (13 + 6 + 6 =) 25 points, his average being slightly less than 17.

      • Bo

        If you say so, Doc.

    • Chris from the Cape

      Griffin’s rookie year was just so good that he was probably close to dark green going into 13′, and while closer to yellow now, retains the same light green rank. He hasn’t proven much of anything as a pocket passer and I feel more confident in either Kapernick or Foles in 14′ (both light green as well), but think he deserves a mulligan for last year having battled injury, (they certainly gave one for NYG Manning) given the 20_5 he put up as a rookie.

    • Shizzle Dawg

      I was unaware that turning around a hopeless team as a 22 year old, throwing the highest passer rating ever for a rookie, then throwing possibly the highest passer rating ever for a QB that couldn’t practice in the off-season (82.2) makes you average.

      But if by “average at this point” you mean because its still the off-season, then that is correct.

  • Charlie Kelly

    Good to know that Niles Paul, he of 14 career receptions over 3 seasons, is just as good as Jared Cook.

    • Gordon McGuinness

      We’ve slotted the players we’ve seen enough of (so excluding rookies and players who haven’t played enough snaps to truly judge) into six categories. That’s not to say that every player in that category is at the exact same level, but we’ve grouped them into these groups for this series.

      Would I rather have Jared Cook than Niles Paul? Yes, but on the basis of last year I can’t justify having him rated any higher. If you’re looking at Cook as a complete Tight End then he really struggled as a run blocker, particularly early in the year. If you’re looking at him as purely a receiving theat (Ran 421 routes compared with Run Blocking on 293 plays) then he dropped 8 of the 59 catchable passes thrown his way – the third worst Drop Rate of the 41 tight end who saw at least 34 targets in 2013.

      Based on that it seems pretty hard to justify Cook as anything higher than below average, despite an impressive game as a receiver to open the year.

  • asdf

    You can switch Hatcher and Bowen. Wade Philip’s son is the DC there now and uses a 3-4 under opposed to an even 2 gap 3 down defense

    • Skins

      Um, no, he isn’t. Jim Haslett is still the DC. Wade Phillips’ son is the TIGHT ENDS coach.

      • asdf

        obviosly i fucked that up but the details about the defensive scheme switch is correct

  • Skins

    There’s plenty of information to show that Evan Royster isn’t that good. Reliably mediocre is his upside. He’s unlikely to make the team this year. Thompson and Seastrunk are competing for HB3 behind Morris/Helu.

  • Skins

    This depth chart in general is bad. The backups are all in the wrong orders and such. Brandon Jenkins, Tanard Jackson, Evan Royster, and Josh LeRibeus are not second string. Adam Gettis (who is likely to make the team over The Rib) isn’t listed. Niles Paul is listed as an in-line TE. Baker is mostly going to be playing end. McGlynn is working with centers, it seems. You seemingly have Seastrunk as a 3rd down back, judging by having him listed as Helu’s backup? Moss should be in the WR3 list and Robinson and Hankerson shoul be at different receiver spots. Probably move Robinson to the Z.

    And Orakpo and Williams are both top 5 players at their respective positions. That should qualify as elite, imo.

  • Wyzel

    Someone on that roster has to be able to beat out tracy porter.

  • Troy J Orourke

    Ryan Clark is a good starter? what is that based on?