WR/CB Matchups – Week 6

Tony Pisano breaks down the four most intriguing matchups of the week.

| 3 years ago

WR/CB Matchups – Week 6

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle SeahawksEvery week there are a few matchups that catch my attention. I use PFF’s advanced statistics to give an in-depth look at possible fantasy starters and duds. This week I focus on four matchups that I think could provide interesting results including a monster matchup that the football world is waiting to see.

Dez Bryant vs. Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman has been slightly less dominant this year than he was last. I am still not convinced that the long touchdown to DeSean Jackson last week was his responsibility. It is so hard to judge when we don’t know the exact defensive scheme the Seahawks were running. My colleagues charged that play to Sherman’s coverage bringing his yardage allowed total to 148. That means that one play accounts for over 40% of his yards allowed.

I have no idea if Dez Bryant has the biggest hands in the NFL, but it sure does look like it when he catches the ball. His hands seem to engulf passes to the point where the ball barely shows through the spaces in his fingers. Those hands, maybe more than anything else, make him a weapon. He is a matchup nightmare for any team, any cornerback, and day. Not a lot of teams leave cornerbacks on an island with him, and when they do, we usually see the highlights.

Bottom Line: The Cowboys are hinting that they will have Bryant line up against Sherman and may the best man win. I don’t buy it. I predict we will see Bryant lineup across from Sherman less than 30% of time. I think he sees a lot of Byron Maxwell in this game. To put it nicely, Maxwell is no Sherman. Start Bryant and expect his normal numbers. While most of them will come away from Sherman, also expect to hear people talk about Bryant burning Sherman after the game.

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