WR/CB Matchups – Week 3

Tony Pisano breaks down four interesting matchups that could play a major role in fantasy football this week.

| 3 years ago

WR/CB Matchups – Week 3

jenkins dezEvery week there are a few matchups that catch my attention. I use PFF’s advanced statistics to give an in-depth look at possible fantasy starters. This week I focus on four matchups that I think could provide interesting results.

Dez Bryant vs. Janoris Jenkins

You may not be able to hear the announcers over the trash talking this Sunday. Janoris Jenkins has a reputation for getting under his opponents skin, and Dez Bryant has a reputation for letting things get under his skin. Not only is Jenkins words annoying to his opponents… so is his play. Jenkins has been excellent this season allowing just 7 catches for 54 yards on 11 targets. That is an average of 4.91 YPT (yards per target). Anything under 7.0 is elite status. This week will obviously be his biggest challenge thus far.

It is imperative for Bryant to keep his composure while facing Jenkins. He needs to be patient and allow the game to come to him. Bryant so far this season has 158 yards on 19 targets. That is a YPT average of 8.3, a number way too low for an elite receiver. While YPT doesn’t affect fantasy numbers on the surface, it will affect overall numbers in the long run. Bryant is also trying to go his third straight game without dropping a pass.

Bottom Line: I am excited for this matchup. I expect at least a couple 15 yard penalties in this game. Both Rams cornerbacks have been very good this year so this is not an easy matchup for Bryant. It is VERY hard to bench a player on Bryant’s level and I am not telling you to do so. I think at the end of the day Bryant stays under 100 yards but finds the end zone.

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